Matt Eberflus Hints On Offensive Changes For Bears-Texans Game

Matt Eberflus is not an overly emotional man. He tends to keep an even approach on the field. However, it was clear after the Chicago Bears defeat at Green Bay that he was not happy. A lot went wrong in that game. Addressing the defense clearly annoyed him. As for the offense, scoring just 10 points and passing for a total of 70 yards was not ideal. The one failure that hurt Eberflus’ nerves isn’t what many would think.

During his appearance on the Bears Coaches Show, the head coach pointed out that a primary failure at Green Bay did not mean that their top executives were no longer involved. Darnell Mooney has two catches for four yards in two games. Cole Kmet has no catches at all. That is a problem. The bears can’t hope to win if they can’t get their two most talented receiving weapons going. It sounds like that will be a primary focus during Sunday’s Houston game.

Matt Eberflus and Luke Getsy are probably looking for easy additions.

Find ways to get the ball into Mooney and Kmet’s hands. This can be done in different ways, from slants to quick outs to curls and hitches. Give them some supplements so they can build a rhythm with Justin Fields. That should be made easier with game action. Houston’s run defense is terrible. David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert should have some success on the ground. If they can give Fields some fake games, Mooney and Kmet will have premium chances to hit big games.

In any case, it’s good to hear that Matt Eberflus acknowledges the problem. He did not give generalized answers. He frankly admitted that those two should get the ball more. Sounds like he’s determined to do just that this Sunday. The Texans may be accommodating. They have proved vulnerable to deep speeds. Fields likes to throw across the field. If his protection lasts, he can finally get back on track.

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