NFL warns Bruce Arians of Tampa Bay Buccaneers of sideline behavior in Week 2.

TAMPA, Fla. — The NFL sent former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians a warning about his sideline behavior in Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, telling him that future similar behavior will result in discipline for him and the club, a source told ESPN Wednesday.

Arians, who now works in the Bucs’ front office as senior assistant to general manager Jason Licht, stood on the sidelines during the Bucs’ 20-10 win over the Saints, and became very animated when cornerback Marshon Lattimore was not called up for pass interference on a pass intended for wide receiver Scotty Miller, which resulted in not only quarterback Tom Brady confronting the officials, but wide receiver Mike Evans being removed from the game, along with Lattimore.

Evans was given a one-game suspension. He appealed the sentence and the hearing took place on Tuesday. A ruling on the appeal is expected this week.

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Arians and Licht were on the sidelines instead of upstairs in a cubicle, as head coach Todd Bowles said the Saints hadn’t provided a cubicle. The Saints say they put both Arians and Light in the press room.

Arians spent most of the game on the sidelines, but during the altercation he was seen on the white stripe reserved for officials, players and coaches.

Arians stepped down as head coach of the Buccaneers in March, although he is still an employee of the team, coming to every practice during the regular season and appearing at all games so far.

Pro Football Talk first reported the news of the league’s warning to Arians.

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