Yet another Pixel Watch leak claims to reveal US pricing and detailed color combinations

Despite Google’s unconventional willingness to make certain Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch details public well in advance of a formal announcement event on October 6, mystery and/or confusion lingers over some key pieces of the puzzle. Once an in-house smartwatch, for example, it was rumored almost a month ago that it would be released at a suggested retail price of $399 in a mobile variant, suggesting that GPS-only models could start at around $350 or even $320. the price was tipped between $250 and $350 yesterday with no 4G LTE support in tow, raising hopes of a US starting tag below $300. Sadly, that probably won’t be the case in the end. How much does an entry-level Pixel Watch cost? If we’re to trust Max Weinbach of Google’s 9to5, $349.99…or exactly the starting price inferred from the previous (cell-focused) leak. Of course, nothing will be set in stone until Google makes it official in a few weeks, but Weinbach has in-house retailers listing photos to confirm his latest prophecy, so we’re clearly looking at more than just an informed guess here.

Yet another Pixel Watch leak claims to reveal US pricing and detailed color combinations

The 9to5Google contributor and occasional Twitter leaker (who has a pretty solid personal track record in this industry) goes on to explicitly debunk yesterday’s European price speculation, which most likely means the highly anticipated Pixel Watch will end up going over $300. costs on the old mainland.

At $350 and up in the US, this Wear OS-powered villain would indeed be positioned between its cousin of the $280 Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 software platform and the hot new Apple Watch Series 8, which starts at $399. The premium Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a bit steeper, fetching $450 in a single 45mm case (without standalone cellular connectivity), while the rugged Apple Watch Ultra is, well, a completely different animal. size, reportedly measuring a little more than the 40mm case of the tiny Galaxy Watch 5 model, which probably means the most expensive version will set you back four Benjamins with built-in 4G LTE speeds. Unless of course there is also a premium model in the pipeline, made of titanium or another extra robust material, which seems unlikely at the moment. These are (probably) all upcoming Pixel Watch color options Black/Obsidian, Silver/Chalk, Gold/Hazel – Wi-Fi-only variant Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, Gold/Hazel – with LTE

While some of these colorways were also mentioned in yesterday’s Europe-focused report, that chic-sounding combination of gold and hazel is new, combining a potentially striking case with an equally stylish strap.

Yet another Pixel Watch leak claims to reveal US pricing and detailed color combinations

To be clear, the Pixel Watch is tipped today in black, silver, and gold case options, with “obsidian” (aka black), “chalk” (aka white or “off-white”), “charcoal” (aka dark gray). ), and “hazel” (aka light green) bands to choose from depending on your chromatic preferences and connectivity needs… as well as a host of other bands likely to be offered as first-party Google alternatives for buyers willing wait a little longer and possibly pay some kind of premium. Speaking of waiting, the oft-delayed Pixel Watch is rumored to ship later than the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro handsets. Specifically, on or around November 4, though if US retailers are already ramping up prices and painting jobs in their systems, an earlier release may be in the cards as well. Let’s hope Big G will take this release seriously and manage to produce enough units to meet global demand. After all, some people have been waiting for this thing for years.

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