YouTuber destroys car to test iPhone 14 crash detection

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It had to happen. A YouTube channel has filmed a full-size remote-controlled car repeatedly crashing to see if the iPhone 14 crash detection works.

Even Apple’s own video on how crash detection works hasn’t damaged any cars. But now the TechRax YouTube channel has done just that.

“Time to test the iPhone 14 Pro’s new crash detection feature,” says the video’s billing. “Does it actually work?”

The makers emphasize that the video was “recorded in a safe and controlled environment”. It doesn’t detail how it was done, but a regular car was fitted with a rig that allowed it to be controlled remotely, and the YouTubers rammed into a series of junkyard vehicles.

It functions. There’s a curious delay before the iPhone responds during the first successful crash, but then it’s repeatedly a race to turn off the emergency call in time.

Last year, the iPhone 13 series was subjected to drop tests in YouTube videos. In any case, the iPhone 14 Pro used this time came out unscathed. The same can’t be said for the car used for the crashes, so iPhone 14 Pro users probably shouldn’t try this in their own car.

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