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Bellator Dublin is set to go down TODAY (Friday, September 23, 2022) at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, with a lightweight fight between former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, taking on Peter Queally. In the co-headlining act, Melvin Manhoef and Yoel Romero will collide in a Light Heavyweight tilt.

Many readers check in before, during, and after the fights to share their thoughts on all the action, which kicks off at 1pm ET with YouTube “Prelims” and then moves over to Showtime at 3pm ET for main card action. Feel free to leave a comment (or several) about the fights and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Quick results from Bellator Dublin:

155 lbs.: Benson Henderson vs. Peter Queally205 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Yoel Romero – Romero via Third Round Knockout 145 lbs.: Ciaran Clarke vs. Rafael Hudson – Clarke 3rd Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 145 lbs.: Mads Burnell vs. Pedro Carvalho – Carvalho via unanimous decision 145 lbs.: Leah McCourt vs. Dayana Silva – McCourt via unanimous decision205 lbs.: Karl Albrektsson vs. Karl Moore – Karl Moore Via Submission (rear-naked choke)135 lbs.: Brian Moore vs. Arivaldo Silva – Moore Via Unanimous Decision155 lbs.: Darragh Kelly vs. Kye Stevens – Kelly via Unanimous Decision155 lbs.: Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Kane Mousah – Mousah via Unanimous Decision145 lbs.: Kenny Mokhonoana vs. Alex Bodnar – Mokhonoana Via First Round Submission (Guillotine)170 lbs.: Luca Poclit vs. Dante Schiro – Poclit Via Second Round Submission (Arm Triangle) 145 lbs.: AsaĆ«l Adjoudj vs. Jordan Barton – Adjoudj via first round TKO135 lbs.: Brett Johns vs. Jordan Winksi – Johns via unanimous decision

Bellator Dublin Play by Play:

155 lbs.: Benson Henderson vs. Peter Queally

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

End result:

205 lbs.: Melvin Manhoef vs. Yoel Romero

Round 1: Preliminary start for both men. They exchange low kicks. High kick from Manhoef, he slides to the canvas. Low kick from Romero and he drops Manhoef…don’t know with what. Side controls for Romero. Great shots from Romero. Side ministry for ‘Soldier of God’. Half guard now for Romero, doesn’t do much with it. Romero is looking for an Americana. He has it locked up for a while before Manhoef escapes. Romero still has lateral control, Manhoef like a fish in water as soon as he hits the ground. Not the most exciting round but Romero takes it. 10-9 Romero.

Round 2: Kick to the middle section of Manhoef. Low kick in exchange for Romero. Romero tags Manhoefl and lets him fly back. He regroups. Both men are still cautious about participating. Romero swarms in and lands a big right hand. Manhoef has to let go of his hands. Romero shoots for a takedown, Manhoef defends well but eats a right hand for his effort. Romero drops to one knee and pretends. Mahoef bites. Low kick lands south of the border for Manhoef, Romero shakes it off. Romero taps Manhoef with a left hand that rocks him briefly. Flying knee attempt of “Soldier of God”, blocked by Manhoef. 10-9 Romero

Round 3: Manhoef has to show something here. And he gets knocked down by Romero. Side controls for Romero. Romero climbs up and he starts landing with some huge elbows, now drops big bombs on a helpless Manhoef and he’s out! WOW. Romero out of nowhere.

End result: Romero beats. Manhoef via knockout third round

145 lbs.: Mads Burnell vs. Pedro Carvalho

Round 1: Both men come out swinging. Burnell takes care of Carvalho. He takes his back. Carvalho fights it, but Burnell throws it against the cage. Carvalho bounces back up. Action against the cage. Nice knees from Carvalho country to the mid section. Burnell shoots for a takedown and he gets it. Carvalho fights back to his feet, but he has Burnell draped over him. Burnell knocks him down again, but Carvalho quickly jumps up. Burnell makes a nice combo before firing for another takedown. Carvalho can’t get away from Burnell, who dominates this round. Carvalho finally breaks up and he starts to land before being knocked down, again. 10-9 Burnell.

Round 2: Carvalho starts with low kicks, nice jabbing from Carvalho. Burnell lands a huge left, shoots for a takedown and he gets it. Burnell looking for the rear naked choke. Shots to the side of Burnell’s head. They scramble as Carvalho tries to escape, but Burnell refuses. They break up and Carvalho is knocked down again. This is a masterclass in takedown for Burnell, I’ve lost count. Burnell again looking for the rear naked choke. Carvalho escapes and he now has supreme control. But only for a second as Burnell pulls out a nice sweep. Now in side steering. Burnell takes Carvalho back. Guess? Burnell takes down Carvalho… again… with ease. Carvalho fights his way back up and he has the advantage on his feet. He now shoots for the takedown and he gets it. Burnell looks a little tired. Big elbows from Carvalho as the round end. 10-9 Burnell

Round 3: Carvalho opens the round strong. High kick connects. Burnell doesn’t have a lot of feet in the ground. Nice low staircase by Carvalho. Carvalho actually picks up Burnell, who then goes looking for the takedown. Carvalho pushes Burnell against the cage and he takes his knees out of the clinch and he takes Burnell down. Side control for Carvalho, who took a second win while Burnell looks absolutely exhausted. Nice elbows from Carvalho. Burnell isn’t really trying to get out of this position, he’s exhausted. Carvalho tries to climb. Nice lap from Carvalho, pounding on Burnell… but it might not be enough to take the win.

End result: Carvalho beats. Burnell via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Leah McCourt vs. Dayana Silva

Round 1: Silva starts with a big right hand. McCourt eats his. Looks like a collision as it heads. McCourt lands a nice combo and then a knee in the middle. McCourt pushes Silva against the cage and unloads the knees to the center section. McCourt takes Silva back. Silva tries to escape. McCourt tries to perform the takedown and she lands a knee blush in Silva’s face. Silva manages to change position and now has McCourt against the cage. Nice right hand from McCourt, and another. Silva shoots for the takedown and she gets it. McCourt fights his way back to her feet. 10-9 McCourt.

Round 2: Silva swings wildly. McCourt with a few shots. A sloppy blow form from both men to open the round. McCourt begins to tighten it up. Nice low kick lands for Silva, McCourt lands a nice uppercut. Silva with a kick to the body and a looped left hand landing somehow. McCourt straight to the right, then a knee to the head as Silva ducks away. Another wild attack from Silva, catching nothing but air. Low kick lands for McCourt. McCourt has a glow in her right eye. McCourt pushes Silva against the cage, Silva turns. Knees to Silva’s belly. Silva lands a nice left hand. Close circle. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: Push kick kicks things off for McCourt. Right hand lands in front of Silva, then left. Silva begins to find her rhythm. McCourt has to pick up the pace, but her eyes begin to swell, below her left. One-two misses for McCourt and again Silva swings wildly. Low kick for Silva. Three minutes left in an exciting game. Silva storms in and catches nothing but air with her onslaught of strikes. McCourt with another pushkick, she shoots for a takedown, but it’s filled. Silva pushes her enemy against the cage. Knees to Silva’s belly. McCourt started strong but I got Silva in the last two laps. McCourt’s attack subsides. Nice right hand from McCourt, then a left jab. Silva shoots for the tkaedown, takes McCourt’s back as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Silva

End result: McCourt beats. Silva by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Ciaran Clarke vs. Rafael Hudson

Round 1: Hudson opens with a low kick, then a left hook to the body and then a right hand drops Clarke! He swarms and is now under full guard. Clarke shakes off the cobwebs. Fighting for position and Clarke looking for an armbar. Hudson comes out. Back under full guard. Clarke fires elbows from the bottom and Hudson returns fire. Clarke tries another armbar and Hudson gets out again and lands with a huge hammer fist before getting back into the hold position. Clarke is breathing heavily after Hudson takes him down on the first lap. 10-9 Hudson

Round 2: Clarke comes out aggressive and eats an elbow to the head and then a flying knee. That’s enough to make him shoot inside. Bad move as Hudson is now landing bombs. Hudson is now on half hold, transitioning to full. Clarke with the elbows again. Clarke manages to fight back to his feet and they part. Hudson has a punch style, it’s effective so far. He tries a flying knee and he slips. Clarke is now on half watch. He’s looking for a posterior naked choke, not dice. Side steering now for Clarke. Lots of clambering on the ground, Clarke searching for entries while Hudson struggles to survive. 10-9 Clarke

Round 3: Clarke shoots for the takedown and he gets it right away. Side check and he goes over to the guard. Hudson gives his back for a moment and Clark is now looking for a posterior naked constriction. Shots to the side of the head for Clarke, scoring points in a tie. Clarke tries to flatten Hudson, he has both hooks in it. Backward attempt at choking. He has one arm under the chin and Hudson escapes for a moment. Clarke still works for it. He likes it locked and Hudson taps! Great comeback for Clarke.

End result: Clarke beats. Hudson via third-round entry (rear-naked choke)

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