“Radeon Monster Profile” volt/freq optimization tool for RDNA2 GPUs is under development for Hydra software

Hydra’s Radeon Monster Profile by 1usmus

The developer of Clock Tuner for Ryzen is working on an update for the latest tool called Hydra. For the first time, the program would offer optimizations for Radeon GPUs.

Yuri “1usmus” Bubliy developed a voltage/frequency curve optimizer for Radeon 6000 GPUs. It is said to unlock the maximum potential of RDNA2 GPU by lowering the operating voltage by up to 6%. In an example of Radeon RX 6800XT, RMP can lead to an increased frequency by 300 MHz. Because of this, the card outperforms both the RX 6900XT and the RTX 3090 Ti in the 3DMark Time Spy test:

Radeon Monster Profile for Hydra, Source: 1usmus

As mentioned, the profiles are universal and adaptive, but they are still in active development and they may yield different results for different GPUs. What is especially important for RMP to work is an efficient cooling solution. Therefore, modified models are likely to yield better results when using RMP.

Radeon Monster Profile for Hydra, Source: 1usmus

These optimizations can lead to better performance per dollar, but at the cost of higher power consumption. The so-called ‘RMP 305’ profile already leads to a higher power consumption than the Radeon RX 6900XT.

Radeon Monster profile for RX 6800XT, source: 1usmus

The RMP update for Hydra should be released later this fall. The developer may also release a Radeon Monster Profiles update for RDNA3 GPUs.


Autumn plans. You have already heard about my new calculator for DDR5 (demo coming soon), today it’s time to tell you about the presets for RDNA2 video cards that might surprise you.

? RX 6800XT > ? RTX 3090TI this is the reality.


More in the slides…? pic.twitter.com/WnVUJOdmuR

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