The Google app allows you to remove personal information from the search

Google is rolling out an update to its mobile app that allows people to request the removal of personal information from search results.

This update is an extension of an existing tool designed to make the removal request form easier to access.

Google first launched the personal information removal tool in 2020, although you’ll have to do your best to find it as it’s buried at the bottom of a help page.

Now Google is rolling out the ability to access the form in its mobile app. You can access the form from your user profile menu or the search results pages.

Remove personal information from search results with the Google app

If you come across a page in search results with personally identifiable information, you can tap the three-dot menu icon and open the “About this result” panel.

Click “Delete Result” and Google will take you to the delete request form. The form prompts you for additional information to help Google understand why you want to remove the page from the index.

You can also access the form by tapping your profile picture and selecting “Results about you.”

Google’s information removal tool allows you to request deindexing of pages that contain:

Confidential government identification (ID) numbers, such as U.S. social security number Bank account numbers Credit card numbers Images of handwritten signatures Images of ID documents Highly private, restricted, and official documents, such as medical records Personal contact information (physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) Confidential credentials

Google will send you an email to confirm that the request has been received and to notify you of the actions taken.

Google only declines requests when the information is displayed on a page that is generally considered useful, such as a news article.

Information on public records, such as government websites, is also not removed.


The ability to request the deletion of personal information using the Google app is currently rolling out in beta for Android users.

If you don’t see the option in the Google app, you can always access the application form from its help page.

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