AYANEO 2 and GEEK Ryzen 7 6800U game consoles launch in December, prices from $949 to $1549

AYANEO consoles are coming, but they ain’t cheap

The Chinese portable game console manufacturer confirms prices for its Ryzen 7 6800U devices.


AYANEO surprised the market by releasing the first Ryzen-based consoles before “it was cool” and the idea was later picked up by other vendors. Now that the market is filled with AYN, OneXplayer, GPD and Steam’s Deck consoles, one can find a wide variety of different consoles at different price points. What most of them have in common is AMD Ryzen APU.

The company now confirms that their latest models called AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK powered by Ryzen 7 6800U 8-core Zen3+/RDNA2 processor will be launched in December. The retail price is unfortunately not low and starts at 949 USD for Geek and 1099 USD for AYANEO2. In their typical fashion, the company also shares early bird prizes for their crowdfunding campaigns, but these are limited in number.

For those who prefer to see a review of the console before paying nearly a thousand dollars, official retail prices are more likely to apply. The Geek console, which is considered more cost-effective but still powered by the same Ryzen 7 6800U APU, will be offered two models, either the Fantasy Black with 800p display or Crystal Purple with 1200p display. The latter comes with higher storage and memory options.

AYANEO GEEK prices, Source: AYANEO

Pricing for AYANEO2, which is a more premium device according to the company’s marketing, will be available in a whopping four models, each with a different color and slightly different spec options.

AYANEO 2 awards, Source: AYANEO

In case you’re wondering about the differences between the two consoles, AYANEO has provided an easy-to-read chart showing the differences. Those who are concerned about the product and battery sizes, both product lines are the same size and offer the same battery capacity.

AYANEO 2/GEEK Specifications, Source: AYANEO

AYANEO 2/GEEK Specifications, Source: AYANEO

Source: AYANEO

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