Random: This Super Mario Maker 2 fan spent seven years making ‘Super Mario Bros. 5’

Super Mario Maker 2Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has officially ended support for Super Mario Maker 2, but there is still a passionate fan base that takes the game to the next level.

One player in particular who never left the last entry was a Nintendo fan and Twitter user @MetroidMike64. This talented individual has gone so far as to call “Super Mario Bros. 5′ has released. Sure, it’s all unofficial, but it’s still quite an achievement.

“I urge you to dust off your copy of Super Mario Maker 2 and try out my Super World. I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this over the past 7 years. I hope you enjoy this game as much if I have.”

I’ve finally finished making my Super World in Mario Maker 2 and have unofficially named it Super Mario Bros 5. Since 2015, I’ve been working towards this moment, trying to make a classic Mario game that plays like Nintendo made it themselves. pic.twitter.com/eUNvHQysVq— Metroid Mike 64 (@MetroidMike64) September 25, 2022

This project is apparently “7 years” in the making – dating back to the release of the original Super Mario Maker game, and features “40 full courses spanning 8 worlds”. Included are 24 Super Mario World themed courses, 14 based on the Super Mario Bros. 3 template, 2 courses from Super Mario Bros., and it “only” consists of the retro Super Mario templates.

Metroid Mike 64 describes the gameplay as “classic Mario” with the aim of providing an experience that plays like Nintendo made it. All 7 Koopalings shine as bosses and there are multiple world maps with branching paths. The Maker ID code you need is: 0G9-XN4-FNF.

Will you come back to Super Mario Maker 2 to try this experience? Comment below.

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