2022 Cyberdeck Contest: Cyberpack VR

Feeling limited by the “traditional” cyberdeck form factor, [adam] decided to build something bigger with its Cyberpack VR. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Wi-Fi-enabled porcupine, this is the cyberdeck you’ve been waiting for.

Longing for the upgradeability and utility of a desktop in a more portable format, [adam] took an old commuter backpack and packed in a Windows 11 PC, Raspberry Pi, multiple Wi-Fi networks, an ergonomic keyboard, a Quest VR headset, and enough antennas to grab the FCC’s attention. The abundance of network hardware is due to: [adam]’s “new interest: a deeper understanding of Wi-Fi and control of my own home network, even as my teenage children become hackers.”

The Quest is set up to run multiple virtual displays via Immersed, and you can relax on the couch while leaving the bag nearby on the floor with the extra-long umbilical cord. One of the nice touches of this build is the repurposing of the bag’s external helmet mount to secure the terminal unit when not in use. Other details we love are the toggle switches and the really integrated look of the antenna connectors and USB ports. The way these elements are integrated into the bag makes it feel organic – all the better for your cyborg chic.

For more WiFi backpacking fun, you might be interested in the Pwnton Pack. We’ve also covered other non-traditional cyberdecks, including the Steampunk Cyberdeck and the Galdeano. If you have your own cyberdeck, you have until September 30 to submit it to our 2022 Cyberdeck Contest!

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