Everything you need to know about Zen 4, socket AM5 and AMD’s latest chipsets

Everything you need to know about Zen 4, socket AM5 and AMD's latest chipsets


AMD’s Ryzen 7000 launch is bigger than just the processors. The processor architecture changes, but also comes with changes in everything from the chipset to the physical socket the chips are plugged into. The last time so many things changed at once was in 2017, when the first-generation Ryzen chips were originally launched.

So we’re publishing two Ryzen pieces today. One is a look at the performance and energy efficiency of the actual chips, found here. This one will focus on all other changes, including those that will be with us long after Ryzen 7000 is old news.

We’ll break this piece down into four parts that cover the four key components of the Ryzen 7000 launch: 1) the Zen 4 CPU core, 2) the on-chip I/O chip that handles the non-CPU functions and handles of the CPU support internal connectivity, 3) the 600 series chipsets that can handle most external connectivity, and 4) the physical AM5 socket that will outlast all other components for a few years.

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