Five Unusual Steam Deck Accessories – Which Are the Best?

A while ago I was wondering where all the Steam Deck accessories were. Valve itself has the case covered, including a decent hard case with even the cheapest 64GB models, and it’s not hard to pick up one of the best microSD cards for the Steam Deck. Otherwise, and especially with delays in Valve’s official dock, there’s not much to be found from the usual PC hardware vendors.

So I turned to the creators and sellers of Etsy, which has created an indie Steam Deck accessory market of sorts. Soon I had bought (with my own money, well done ReedPop) a selection of unique, handcrafted, sometimes questionable gadgets and accessories and promptly put them on a train for independent review by a newly minted Steam Deck owner. Specifically, RPS vid bud Liam.

You can see what Liam thought of my picks in the video above. SEE me presenting a gold-plated box I stole from the office closet a few minutes earlier! WITNESS Liam being moved to tears by something that isn’t even really an accessory! BEHOLD two white men talk about hardware for games! Truly a unique movie event that you don’t want to miss.

For more on what we’re thinking about the Steam Deck itself, you can read my review or watch/listen to Katharine’s thoughts after she receives hers. And if you’ve placed your own reservation before, but it hasn’t been delivered yet, it’s probably not far off — Valve recently speeded up Steam Deck shipments so everyone should receive their unit by the end of the year.

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