Leaker claims next to nothing will change with the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup

It seems that most major manufacturers are getting lazy with their designs, and this is true of Samsung now more than ever. Once a company dedicated to innovation (sometimes even to producing gimmicks), the Korean tech giant has done little to shake up its smartphone game beyond the Z-series foldable lineup. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S series remains the company’s de facto flagship line and, for those Samsung fans still unwilling to commit to a foldable, still the only high-end option.

However, if you are looking forward to the Galaxy S23, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. According to a prominent leaker, with an almost pristine track record on all things Samsung, the S23 lineup will be a slightly disappointing upgrade.

In a tweet, @IceUniverse states that “nothing has changed except the chip” with the S23/S23+. The S23 Ultra will undergo some additional changes outside of the internal parts, namely in the display and the main camera. However, will this be enough?

The general sentiment in the tech community is that smartphones have gotten a bit boring in recent years. There’s only so much hype that the latest chips and increased megapixel count can muster.

There is the occasional device that shakes things up, but on both the Android and Apple side, the vast majority of devices are hardly revolutionary. Apple’s latest iPhone 14 lineup proves this beyond any doubt. Granted, all 4 smartphones are excellent devices, but they stand out in the sea of ​​glass cookie cutters – not really.

From the perspective of outsiders, Samsung seems to have given up on conventional flagship smartphones. The company expects its foldable devices to make up the bulk of premium device sales soon.

Nevertheless, recent figures indicate that this may not be entirely the case. If Samsung is to maintain a respectable share of the premium smartphone market segment, it has to do better than simply replace a few processors.

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