“It was a lack of respect” – Adriano Panatta attacks Tiafoe and Sock for Laver Cup behavior

Former tennis player Adriano Panatta attacked Tiafoe and Sock for their behavior in the Laver Cup, explaining how disrespectful it was.

The former Italian player was disgusted by what he saw of the Americans calling them villains because of the way they played that game. It was the last game of Roger Federer’s career and it saw Sock and Tiafoe beat Nadal and him to win it.

panatta said:

“They were villains, those two Americans were constantly throwing full force in the face of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. It was a disrespect and they only did this because there was nothing else they could do. They are cavemen of tennis, but mostly villains opposite two tennis players, champions, who have written the history of this sport.”

He added:

“I thought, God, why don’t you give me a chance to get on the field and do like I did when I was 25.”

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