United Airlines flight attendants pick up at more than a dozen airports and demand better operations

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Off-duty United Airlines flight attendants raided more than a dozen airports on Tuesday to protest the ongoing operational disruptions.

United Airlines states that it has worked hard to combat these problems.

Still, “tired” flight attendants took part in the picket dubbed the Day of Action at 14 airports in the US, Guam and London, demanding that the airline fix the ongoing operational disruptions they say will have “a tangible impact on them” and their passengers.

Many of them had signs that read, “Can you hear us now” and “Solutions, not excuses.”


The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), the union that represents the pickiest flight attendants, alleges that United’s management has partially failed to properly staff crew schedules, leading to tens of thousands of delays and cancellations, and that this is not the case. take full responsibility.

“Interns are on the front lines when an operational meltdown occurs, and they are expected to allay passengers’ concerns,” the AFA-CWA said in a statement. “But lately flight attendants have been left empty-handed or stranded themselves with no support from the management that runs the airline.”

The union continued: “United management continues to expect flight attendants to ‘make it work’. Meanwhile, management blames others – air traffic control, flight attendants, pilots – but itself for operational problems.”

United Airlines flight attendants picket

United Airlines off-duty flight attendants picket at an airport in Chicago. (Association of Stewardesses-CWA)


The group last week cited cancellations related to failed mandatory inspections for some of United’s Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

In all, United Airlines canceled about 18 flights when it realized that some of the above-mentioned aircraft had not undergone the required inspections of the leading edges of the wings, although it worked to rebook passengers.

United Airlines told FOX Business that it has “worked hard to reduce wait times for flight attendants to speak to a crew planner, including increasing hiring and adding digital options for some items.”

In the company’s most recent earnings call, United Airlines president Brett Hart said the airline “continues to work with the U.S. Department of Transportation on the operational disruptions and challenges affecting the airline industry and our customers.”

United Airlines pick-up

United Airlines off-duty flight attendants picket at an airport in Chicago. (Association of Stewardesses-CWA)


Hart told analysts that with active cooperation with the government and the Federal Aviation Administration, it hopes to “address the root causes of these challenges and find solutions together.”

He further noted that the airline has already “seen early signs of progress” and has even been granted an exemption to shorten the schedule at Newark to make the remaining flights more reliable.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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