Fortnite references the ‘dead game’ meme in a new skin

Say what you will about the multi-franchise monster Fortnite has become, but at least the developers know how to make a solid joke.

Fortnite’s latest skin references the phrase “dead game,” a long-running diss twisted joke in online video game communities. The skin comes as part of a new pack of aesthetic items, the ‘Checkered Past Pack’. The pack has multiple items, one is the skin with black nail polish, a plaid hat and a sleeveless black turtleneck sweater with the phrase “Dead game” printed in white lettering on the top.

The phrase refers to a long-running meme used by people to dismiss a game or claim it is no longer relevant. In fact, the phrase is used to imply that a game has fallen off and is no longer played and liked by people. (A phrase that’s been used to describe Fortnite for a long time, despite there’s no real evidence to back it up.) Because it’s so often misapplied to games that maintain active player bases, it’s often used as a sarcastic response to players who may be interested in a particular game is declining.

It’s a playful way for the developers to wink back at potential haters. If you think the skin is cute, you’re in luck. At the time of publishing, the full pack can be purchased from Fortnite’s item store and can be purchased for $3.99 or 600 V-Bucks.

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