Pixel Watch edges shrink in new teaser video

The Pixel Watch is a product that has been developed for years and that will finally arrive within a week. But as we approach its long-awaited arrival, new details give rise to hesitation. Recently, teaser videos posted by Google have raised questions about the thickness of the screen bezels on the Pixel Watch.

Google has updated its own teaser video with smaller Pixel Watch bezels

Last week, Google posted a teaser video for the Pixel Watch that showed off some new watch faces and hardware details, but that same teaser also apparently showed huge bezels around the circular display.

As pictured above, that one dial in particular attracted a lot of attention because the bezels were seemingly very, very thick.

But it looks like this was Google’s fault, as the same Pixel Watch teaser posted on one of Google’s channels in Taiwan shows the same watch faces, all with smaller bezels. The change isn’t drastic, but it certainly shows how a little move in either direction for the ring makes a big difference in the final look.

The size change was noticed by a Redditor, and we’ve juxtaposed versions of each watch face below so you can see the difference (front left, after right).

As you can see, these are generally quite obvious differences. But as Droid-Life was quick to point out, it’s still hard to know for sure which of these videos is correct. But we can look at past marketing images for more context.

For example, this shot of the Google Home app on a Pixel Watch from Google I/O shows edges that are much closer to the new teaser than the original.

google home app wear os
Think the Pixel Watch bezels are too big?

Bezels have always been a touchy subject in technology, especially wearables. So where are you?

Personally, I’m not against the look of the bezels in most of the teasers we’ve seen so far.

They’re certainly a lot thicker than the Apple Watch, but they seem well within reason’s reach when looking at the Galaxy Watch 5 and other round-faced competitors. For a first-generation smartwatch, it’s not bad at all.

In addition, Wear OS is a dark themed operating system and that should hide the bezel size for the most part. I also think having an edge-to-edge screen wouldn’t be particularly nice from a usability aspect given the Pixel Watch’s “dome” design.

pixel watch priceThis marketing image shows edges thinner than Google’s teaser video

Google’s original teaser this week showed bezels that were too thick, but it looks like this was a mistake. We’ve seen a lot more bezels that are thinner and more reasonable than this super-thick version, as shown above.

But what do you think? Even looking at Google’s revised teaser and the other marketing photos, are the Pixel Watch’s bezels too thick?

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