Russell Wilson laughs at Eli Manning’s contract count


On Monday night’s ManningCast, Eli Manning joked about the contract of Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. On Wednesday, Wilson laughed it off.

“Chad Powers?” Wilson said via’s Mike Klis, referring to the character Manning played while trying out for the Penn State football team. “Yeah, you know, I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers.”

Wilson said he had no problem with Eli’s suggestion that the Broncos should have given their gambler a giant contract instead of Wilson.

“It’s part of the game, those guys are just having fun,” Wilson said. “I’ve always looked up to those guys, so I don’t worry about it.”

Even if the comment bothered Wilson, he would never say it. That’s not how he works. Everything is meticulous and careful and ultimately boring.

Hopefully Eli won’t like this little fuss making him milquetoast until Monday night.

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