Texas A&M Attack vs. Mississippi State Defense

Texas A&M’s 2022 offense comes closer to the 11-man unit from a personnel standpoint expected to go into fall camp as players return from injury or staff are replaced. The younger players are a little more productive each week in terms of the stats and they play more at meaningful moments. They’ve found constants in Devon Achane’s legs and a passing game that makes just enough plays to sustain drive and put something on the scoreboard. Nevertheless, Jimbo Fisher still needs the defense and special teams to score points on his own to complement what the offense can do. They also face a new challenge through the loss of veteran Ainias Smith, who was expected to be a constant as the underclassmen in the receiving corps matured week by week. Now they will have to mature even faster and they will have to do that in their first real road race of the season.

Mississippi state defenders have missed major defensive tackle Jaden Crumedy, who was not moved in 2021 and needed double teams protecting the Bulldogs’ supporters. Without him, the running defense is giving up half a meter more per carry on the ground than last season and that played a part in the team’s loss at LSU. Nevertheless, even if Mississippi State weren’t more vulnerable on the ground, the Aggies’ attack has to flow through Achane 20 times per game to be at its best.

Here are Texas A&M’s offensive rankings, based on last week’s numbers compared to the rest of the Southeastern Conference.

14th in scoring average of 21 points per game (five offensive touchdowns in three FBS games)

11th in rushing averaging 128 yards per game

10th in passing offense with a passer rating of 140

14th in total offense with 323 yards per game

Here are Mississippi state’s defensive rankings, based on last week’s numbers compared to the rest of the Southeastern Conference.

8th in scoring an average of 21 points per game

8th in hasty defense with an average of 114 yards per game

6th in passing defense with a passer defense rating of 109

7th in overall defense at 319 yards per game

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