Returnal for PC seemingly leaks, including DLSS and Ray-Traced Shadows

Footage of Returnal on PC appeared to leak earlier today, seemingly confirming that Housemarque’s roguelite will join Sony’s other first-party releases on the platform.

The leaked images first appeared on Icon-Era after being uploaded to YouTube, showing off the PC version’s options and customizations, including ray-traced shadows, reflections, DLSS and FSR. The footage was pulled by Sony not long after.

Assuming the visuals are real, it shows that Returnal will receive significant improvements over the PS5 release, which favored frame rate over pure visual fidelity.

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<p>First released in 2021, Returnal has been praised for its originality and its actions.  In our review, we wrote that “Returnal’s moment-to-moment gameplay is sublime”, and that it never drops the ball on the story, but runs tend to be too long.  Housemarque has since released a number of improvements, including multiplayer co-op and the ability to save during runs.</p>
<p>Sony has yet to officially announce a PC version of Returnal, but it seems very likely given the recent pipeline with Spider-Man, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn.  It would be another showcase release for the Steam Deck, which we discussed in an extensive interview with Valve recently.</p>
<p>For now, the release date for Returnal’s PC remains unknown, but if the footage is real, an announcement looks imminent. </p>
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