NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Maddening Electric Vehicle Mandate

In an all-too-tell-empty stunt, Governor Kathy Hochul last week ordered the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation to issue regulations banning the sale of gas-powered cars, pickups and SUVs. . . 2035.

It’s not just that she’ll be long gone by then, or that she simply marked National Drive Electric Week by pretending to keep up with California’s equally dubious 2035 electric-only rule.

Nor, as even The New York Times admits, that electric cars are still far too expensive and impractical for anyone but the wealthy — with huge technological and industrial advances needed before they make sense even to the middle class.

Not to mention building hundreds of thousands of charging stations (New York now has just over 10,000) to make mass EV remote use practical.

No: it’s that Hochul’s policy is already making electricity much more expensive, and the pain has only just begun. John Howard, the former head of the Public Service Commission (electricity’s chief regulator) warned this year that the state’s zero-carbon energy bill will cost New Yorkers “hundreds of billions” in higher energy bills.

As with the supposed rule of all-electric cars in 2035, that madness won’t fully set in until long after Hochul is gone.

As long as New York remains a one-party state, the Democrats running the business can continue to blame ConEd and other hapless messengers for the mounting pain. It’s one more reason to vote out every Dem on this Election Day.

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