PS Plus Essential’s PS5, PS4 Games Announced for October 2022

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Update: We now have confirmation from Sony that the lineup of PS5 and PS4 games that will be added to PS Plus Essential in October 2022 is as follows:

PS Plus Essential: October 2022

The three games will be available for download on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, adding them to the long list of All PS Plus games. Sony has also said that next month’s PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium titles will be announced again in the middle of the month, so check back on that in a few weeks.

Owners of Sony’s latest console can look forward to the native PS5 version of Hot Wheels Unleashed, which we scored a 7/10 in our review. We praised the racing, the variety of cars and the great multiplayer components and concluded: “While the tracks feel a bit monotonous and the random nature of unlocks can lead to some frustration, the end result is a robust racing game that will appeal to fans young and old.”

Meanwhile, Injustice 2 is a very good fighting title, even if it’s a bit old now. “The game’s depth in fighting, story and customization options makes it a worthy addition to not only any fighting gamer’s library, but requires to be tried by people of all tastes,” we concluded in our 9/10 Injustice 2 PS4 review.

Rounding out the October 2022 lineup is SUPERHOT, an FPS that is absolutely outstanding. It may lack the physicality of its virtual reality alter ego, but it makes up for it with a stunning story and menu system on the point. The slow-motion shots are still super satisfying, and the added locomotion makes for a different kind of cadence than the PlayStation VR version. Buy both editions if you can, as they complement each other nicely and are indispensable in our humble opinion.”

Which new PS Plus game will you play first? Share your choice in the comments below.

Original story: Just minutes before Sony plans to announce the official lineup of PS5, PS4 games for the month of October 2022 to PS Plus Essential, Dealabs has done its usual job and leaked the roster early. Only this time you’ll find out just before the reveal rather than days before.

Another game is expected to join the lineup to make three PS5 and PS4 games, but the site says two of the titles are as follows:

PS Plus Essential: October 2022

We will update this article once we receive the official announcement, which should come within just 15 minutes from the publication of this article.

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