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Excelsior CorrespondentJAMMU, October 4: The Indira Gandhi National Open University has signed an MoU with the Central Sanskrit University (CSU) with one of its main activities being the opening of IGNOU Learner Support Centers on various campuses of CSU. The CSU has the main campus in New Delhi and twelve regional campuses across the country in various states and Union Territories, including the J&K UT.IGNOU plans to establish student support centers for the recently launched Master of Arts in Jyotish (MAJY), Master of Arts in Sanskrit (MSK) and Masters in Vedic Studies (MAVESO) programs on all Central Sanskrit University campuses. For the upcoming December 2022 final exams of IGNOU, Jammu Regional Center has established an exam center at Shri Ranbir campus Kot Bhalwal of Central Sanskrit University. The aim of the MAJY program is to educate the students under Indian oriental science, time knowledge, planetary motion, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse about how the practical life of man is conducted along with the events in space based on the beliefs of Indian sages. The ultimate goal of this program is to provide authentic and detailed knowledge of these facts. Students studying in this program will also have knowledge of how astrology is studied in the form of astrology called Vedanga. In addition to providing special knowledge of the concept of astrological mathematics, theory and results in ancient India, students gain complete knowledge of astrology through the well-researched study material of this program. The Masters in Vedic Studies (MAVESO) program is offered in collaboration with the International Center for Integral Studies (ICIS). The Master of Arts in Sanskrit (MSK) program subjects students to learning a wide variety of Sanskrit language and literature. “I call on anyone across the region who is interested in astrology, Vedic studies, or Sanskrit, regardless of age limit, to enroll in these fascinating programs before the closing date, which is October 10, 2022,” said Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Regional Director Incharge.

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