Samsung’s latest foldables match their lowest price ever

Both of Samsung’s foldable phones currently match their best ever prices. Available for $999.99 at launch, the 128GB configuration of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is currently discounted to $899.99 at Amazon and Samsung — matching its lowest price yet. The unconventional design isn’t for everyone, but the fourth version of the Galaxy Z Flip is actually a pretty decent phone with solid battery life that can easily be compressed into a roughly 3 x 2-inch block that actually fits in your pocket. The photo capabilities fall slightly short of the Z Fold 4, but the Flip 4 is an excellent choice for something reminiscent of a flip phone. Read our review.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with cover screen on$899.99

When the device is folded, the Flip 4’s outer screen shows information such as notifications and weather widgets at a glance. To communicate with the phone, you usually have to open it and use the large 6.7-inch inner screen.

If you’re more into that big phone life, you might want to check out Amazon’s deal on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, dropping the $1,799.99 launch price of the 256GB model to $1,499.99. The 7.6-inch interior display gives you more than enough space to run side-by-side applications or stream games and movies. When folded, the Z Fold 4 offers a generous 6.2-inch screen for checking notifications or responding to texts. If you can see past the high price tag, the Z Fold 4 is an extremely capable phone that doubles as a tablet with very few compromises. Read our review.


The Fold 4 is a multitasking powerhouse that can be used tablet-style or as your everyday driver smartphone. It is a gadget for gadget people with a high price tag.

Earlier in the week, we pointed out that Google is clearing out stock of its Pixel 6A phone ahead of tomorrow’s Pixel event, but we’ll say it again for the folks in the back. Amazon, Best Buy and Target are all discounting the Pixel 6A to $349, discounting $100 off the original price of the excellent mid-range phone. Google’s Pixel 6A offers almost everything you’d want from a current-generation phone, but forgoes features like wireless charging, allowing it to strike a balance between performance and price. The 6A uses the same Tensor chipset as the more expensive models of the Pixel 6, but generally makes the right compromises for a phone that’s about $100 cheaper than the next best. Read our review.

Google's Pixel 6A stands out among $500 phones.$349

Google’s Pixel 6A comes with a relatively small 6.1-inch OLED display, but performs well with a good camera and battery life.

If you take a sharp left turn to peripherals, you’ll find the Logitech MX Keys Mini on sale at Lenovo for $69.99 instead of the usual $99.99. While Logitech’s newer MX Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches, the MX Keys use scissor switches that will feel familiar to anyone who has recently used an Apple keyboard. The MX Keys Mini offers similar functionality to the Apple Magic keyboard, but at a lower price and can be considered better than its Apple counterpart in some cases. The MX Keys Mini uses a USB-C connection as opposed to the lightning connection used with the desktop version of the Apple Magic keyboard, and it can easily switch between up to three paired Bluetooth devices.


Logitech’s compact keyboard with scissor switch connects to devices via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless and features a low-profile design.

Logitech’s excellent MX Master 3 wireless mouse is also on sale from Lenovo, dropping the price of the mouse from $99.99 to just $69.99. Not to be confused with the Master 3S, the standard model has more audible clicks and a 4K DPI optical sensor as opposed to the silent clicks and 8K DPI sensor in Logitech’s newer model. If you’re willing to look beyond these minor compromises, you’ll find an excellent, productivity-focused mouse. The Master 3 has a total of seven buttons that can be assigned to different desktop functions and has a second scroll wheel under the thumb, in addition to the electromagnetic scroll wheel between the left and right buttons.


The Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced is a Bluetooth wireless laser mouse designed for efficiency. It has seven buttons, an electromagnetic wheel for fast scrolling and is compatible with Windows and macOS. Dell offers a $40 digital gift card with purchase.

Amazon recently unveiled some next-gen Echo products, but if the new features didn’t grab you, you might want to check out a handful of Prime-exclusive Echo bundles, which combine a last-gen Echo Dot or Echo Show 5 with smart LEDs. lamps for a hefty discount.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot with the built-in clock originally cost $59.99, but you can currently get one bundled with a single Wyze color bulb for just $46.32. This compact speaker supports the same Alexa integrations as its more expensive counterparts, allowing you to set timers, control music playback, and control other devices in your home. Read our review.


The 2020 Echo Dot has a more spherical design than a true dot, but can still do all the things Alexa does with other Echo models.

You can also find the second-generation Echo Show 5 bundled with a pair of GE CYNC LED bulbs for $34.99 instead of the usual $108.98 combined price. The Show 5 is an excellent nightstand or countertop companion as it can handle alarm, recipe or entertainment tasks. It shares a lot of functionality with Echo speakers, the Echo Show can also stream video from Prime Video and Netflix, show you the forecast or display your agenda for the day. In addition, the built-in camera gives the Show 5 limited video chat capabilities. Read our review.

GE’s Direct Connect CYNC bulbs are comparable to many of the other smart LED bulbs on the market in that they can be controlled with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, but unfortunately they are not compatible with Apple HomeKit.


Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is an ideal smart display for a bedside table. You can set alarms with Alexa with your voice, play music, control smart screens, get a weather report and more. When the alarm goes off, all you need to do is tap the top of the Echo Show 5 to snooze it.

Two more to go…

If you’re looking for more storage for your PC or PlayStation 5, you can currently find the 2TB configuration of the Crucial P5 Plus M.2 SSD at a discount of $245.98 at Amazon. The heatsink-equipped SSD usually costs $330.98 and is capable of transfer speeds of up to 6600MB/s, allowing you to quickly transfer large files and in some cases speed up game loading times. Having a compact Bluetooth speaker on hand is rarely a bad idea. Small enough to store almost anywhere, the $49.95 JBL Go 3 has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, and is currently discounted to $29.95 at Amazon.

Correction October 5, 3:25 PM ET: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the original price for the fourth-generation Echo Dot with the built-in clock was $99.99. The original price for the fourth-generation Echo Dot with the built-in clock was $59.99. The article has been updated to reflect this. We regret the mistake.

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