Your horoscope-inspired guide to things to do and places to go this month

Broadsheet Culturescope is a new series where we recommend the best things to do this month based on your horoscope. Is astrology not your thing? We get it – the Broadsheet office is divided too. If you’re just looking for some weekend inspiration, head straight to the culture scopes for some of the best things to see, discover and do in Melbourne this month.

Mercury retrograde officially ended on October 2, but it could take until the middle of the month for the haze to clear. If you know this infamous astrological cycle, or if you felt its chaotic effects last month, you’ll be happy to hear that clarity and forward movement is on the way.

Libra season is now in full swing, so expect it to be fun. This is, without a doubt, the most social time of the astrological year, when we tend to feel friendlier, more alive, and more pleasant. Libra, symbolized by the scales, is all about balance. So now is a good time to think about relationships and create extra joy with your loved ones and in your own life.

You will feel motivated with the arrival of the full moon of Aries on the 10th – Aries energy is confident, courageous and impulsive. And the Sun and Venus both go into Scorpio on the 23rd, changing the energy from light and harmonious to intense and brooding. This is not the time for a chat. Have the difficult conversations, no matter how confrontational they are.

And the Scorpio eclipse of October 25 will highlight the areas of your life that need change. Eclipses are one of the most powerful astrological events and exist to shake things up. You may not be looking for big turns, but you better not resist – welcome the unexpected and enjoy the ride.


Your attention shifts to your loved ones. It’s an excellent time to create moments for conversation, connection, and love. When was the last time you went on a date? If you’re in a relationship, you might be inspired to put some extra effort into your love life. If you’re single, don’t be surprised if someone new comes your way. The Scorpio eclipse is a particularly transformative time for Aries. Make some time for yourself for reflection.

Culturescope: It’s date night time.


Libra season can inspire you to start new — and beneficial — habits. You will experience an injection of energy that supports good intentions, but you still have to do your best. Meanwhile, the Scorpio eclipse is a great time to deepen your relationships or transform things. It brings new energy to a partnership, which can mean a new romance, engagement or business partner, or an overdue breakup.

Culturescope: Take advantage of that newfound power and take a beautiful nature walk just outside Melbourne. Looking for a physical challenge closer to home? Here are five 60-second stretches that you can introduce into your daily routine without leaving the lounge area.


You will feel sexier, more playful and more sociable during Libra season – make the most of it. Think about the events or activities that get you excited and create time for some serious fun. You may be feeling ready to start a new creative project, start a romance, or start a new hobby. Now is the time to explore.

The Scorpio eclipse can also shake up your daily life, create space for these passions or inspire you to invest in your well-being. Changes at work are also on the agenda.

Culturescope: A lot of amazing things are happening in Melbourne this month. If you’re feeling creative, try a life drawing class at the iconic Nicholas Building or Abbotsford Convent. Feeling more daredevil? Try rock climbing in this excellent new spot.


Your home and family will be in the spotlight this month. Respect the desire to spend a little more time on the couch. It won’t all be Netflix, though. You may feel inspired to move, renovate or redecorate. You can also evaluate your family relationships, visit loved ones, or welcome a new family member.

When the Scorpio eclipse arrives, you will be motivated to have more fun. When was the last time you spent time on something playful or creative? Romance and dating may also be on the agenda, but Scorpio’s energy can be quite intense, so try to enjoy it for what it is: fun.

*Culturescope: Spring clean your house, your mind, your car, your pantry. If you’re one of those looking to redecorate the house, these helpful tips for selecting the right piece of art will make the choice a little easier. If the creative hearts are squeezing, join the Geminis on an art class. *


Community and conversation take center stage in Libra season: get out and connect with your friends. You will feel more relaxed in social situations, so tell your friends how you feel. Expressing your needs can leave you vulnerable, but now is a good time to push yourself. The Scorpio eclipse can bring an unexpected change to your household. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by family matters, make sure you take some quiet time for yourself.

Culturescope: Order a meal at one of the city’s quieter restaurants for this month’s catch-up so you can have a good conversation.


Libra season is a great time to work on your confidence at work; stop wasting energy on things that don’t move you forward. Focus on money and how you make it – ask for that raise or start the hustle you’ve had on the back burner. At the Scorpio eclipse, you may feel the urge to change the way you communicate and try new ways (and platforms) to share your ideas.

Culturescope: The National Institute of Dramatic Arts has a host of classes aimed at increasing your confidence in work scenarios, including Public Speaking Boot Camp, creating excellent communicators, and presenting with confidence.


Your birthday season is a great time to refresh your look or reinvent yourself. What new projects do you want to start? What do you want to experience? Once you have your answers, you know where to focus your energy. The Scorpio eclipse may change the way you make money (start a business, explore investment opportunities) or encourage you to pay more attention to your bank balance.

Culturescope: Now is the time for a new haircut, piercing or tattoo. If you’re on a budget, you can freshen up at home, but these tips will help you avoid disaster.


You will probably feel quieter and more reflective this season. You might like to look back on the past 12 months and think about where you got stuck or what habits you want to change. Let go of everything that holds you. The Scorpio eclipse will bring positive opportunities. It’s a time to explore new hobbies, refresh your wardrobe and adopt healthier routines.

Culturescope: Plan a trip to Lake Tyrrell, Victoria’s “sky mirror” and see things from a different perspective.


Cocktails, dinner, the opening of a gallery, the footy – don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to all of them. With Libra season comes catching up with your expanded friendship groups. All of these activities can inspire you to take stock of which networks and communities you feel most connected to so you can focus your energies into the future.

The Scorpio eclipse is a powerful time to take care of yourself and enjoy whatever activities feel most nurturing. If you have a spiritual or meditation practice, you may feel motivated to lean into it, with better results than ever.

Culturescope: There are so many fun ways to catch up with friends in October: festivals dedicated to small distillers or Italian film, a full moon party, Friday night belters at the NGV or ghost stories at the Atheneum Theater. For those who want something meditative, we love the classes at Happy Melon, Universal Practice, Humming Puppy and the Light Practice – or you can try it at home with help from The Broad Place.


Career momentum is at stake. You may be pulling extra credit for your work or discovering new opportunities to take it a step further. You’ll also have added clarity about the professional direction you want to take, so spend time thinking about your career goals.

With the Scorpio eclipse, listen to those tendencies to contribute to something greater. New friendships and connections can come into your life; think about setting boundaries to find the balance between supporting others and nurturing yourself.

Culturescope: Celebrate those work wins in one of the city’s best new bars, or, if you’re looking for a quieter space to reflect on your next career move, South Melbourne’s Mirosuna focuses on wellness for professionals.


You will feel adventurous and optimistic this month and long for a change of scenery – a weekend away will now feel even better than usual. Your mind will be open and you will have an urge to learn new things, challenge your perspective or share your ideas. The Scorpio eclipse heralds a new chapter in the career arena. It can mean a new role or promotion, or a desire to change direction.

Culturescope: Get out of town to a picturesque winery or destination dinner.


Things can feel more intense during Libra season, so cherish quiet moments and make time for self-care. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to create more trust and intimacy in your relationships. At the Scorpio eclipse, opportunities may arise to immerse yourself in a topic you are passionate about, or to start a new research project.

Culturescope: Enjoy a massage at home or at Little Company with Still Beauty, one of the best – and most in-demand – massage therapists in town. A few hours at Comma, soaking in a mineral bubble bath or jumping in a Finnish sauna will also be good for an anxious mind. Things to do in Melbourne

Alison Lasek is an astrologer who has worked in art, culture and communication for over 15 years, including six years at the Australian Center for Contemporary Art. She has contributed to publications including Art and Australia, Runway Journal and Vault magazine, and studied with British astrologer Alice Bell.

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