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Apple is always in the news with its latest iPhones. This time it’s Apple’s new iPhone 14. iPhone 14 is preferred by many and purchase has skyrocketed. There are real reasons why you should buy Apple’s iPhone 14 in the year 2022.

From the design to the features, the new iPhone 14 is winning hearts all over the world.

Let’s take a look at the features and specifications in brief.


iPhone 14 will have better performance and graphics than the earlier versions of iPhone such as iPhone 13. You can detect a crash with new features available with iPhone 14.

An advanced dual camera system is also available on this phone. There is a newly developed Action mode on iPhone 14. This iPhone allows you to record in 4K. You can also click photos in low light with this phone.

There is a water resistant and emergency SOS function available on this iPhone. It is compatible with 5G. In 2022, a ceramic shield protection will also be available with this iPhone.

Several improvements have been found in this phone. It has better battery backup. Video playback up to 20 hours from this new iPhone 14 phone.


The price of iPhone 14 from Apple is ₹64,000 and above in the Indian electronics market. People are buying the iPhone 14 in full swing and hoping to take full advantage of it, especially the camera and video quality.

The iPhone 14 is available in the Indian market today and potential buyers are excited about it.

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