Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 FAQ – Answering your questions

The Google Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 series are shipping to eager customers this week, and our first reviews are out now. But what questions do you still have? Let’s talk!

Starting with the Pixel 7 series, Google’s latest flagship phones are just minor upgrades on paper. The cameras have a handful of improvements, the screens are a little brighter but the same size, and the design is pretty much the same. The biggest upgrade under the hood is the chip, Tensor G2, which updates the modem and improves heat issues with better efficiency and dedicated cooling hardware.

In our review of the Pixel 7 Pro, we found that the device proved that Google is learning to compete better with other major smartphone makers in the flagship space. We said:

The Pixel 7 Pro is, on paper and personally, a very iterative upgrade from what came before it. But it’s a device that shows Google is learning lessons along the way. Improvements to the chip, hardware and feature set make the Pixel a more attractive option this year. Pixel phones often look great in a bubble where they’re only compared to other Pixels, but Google is figuring out how its phones can compete with everyone else.

The Pixel 7, on the other hand, is an even bigger iteration of an upgrade over its predecessor. But as we point out, the updates it brings are at least quite meaningful.

Simply put, at $599, the Pixel 7 is an even better package this year than the Pixel 6 in 2021. All the major bugs that were present with Android 12 seem to have been fixed, and the problem areas and pain points have been addressed without major detriment. do to the final product. This is the new default recommendation for most people looking for a new Android phone.

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Meanwhile, the Pixel Watch is Google’s first-ever smartwatch to combine Wear OS and Fitbit into one product. The end result? In our experience so far it is at least better than expected. Battery life isn’t ideal and Fitbit integration is a bit limited compared to dedicated trackers, but overall we walk away satisfied.

In our review we said:

The battery life is bad, but it’s manageable. The Fitbit integration is a bit lacking, but it’s enough for me. And really, so are most aspects of the Pixel Watch. They’re not quite ideal, but they’re good enough if you don’t have sky-high expectations. This is the first generation of Google’s smartwatch and it will definitely get better.

So far, my verdict is this: The Pixel Watch is an excellent first attempt at a smartwatch, but it’s not the best smartwatch you can buy for your Android phone. Overall, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a more polished option at a much better price with its starting price of $279.

But what else do you want to know? Leave a comment below with some of your biggest questions about Google’s latest devices.

Frequently asked questions about Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch Does the Google Pixel 7 have a new camera?

Yes, the Pixel 7 series has a new camera system compared to the Pixel 6. It shares the same 50MP primary camera, 12MP ultrawide and 48MP telephoto, but with new hardware behind it. The Pixel 7 Pro applies autofocus to the ultra-wide camera, which allows for a special macro mode. Meanwhile, the telephoto lens jumps to 5x optical zoom. Both cameras also use software to enable the equivalent of 2x optical zoom on the primary camera sensor.

How much does Pixel 7 cost?

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro start at the same price as the Pixel 6 series. The Pixel 7 costs $599, while the Pro costs $899.

How long will Pixel 7 get Android updates?

Google will offer five years of security updates for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but only three years of major Android version updates after its October 2022 launch.

Does the Pixel 7 have better mobile performance?

Google’s Pixel 7 has a new Tensor G2 processor that also uses a new cellular modem. In theory, this should improve cellular network support over the previous Pixel 6 series.

What colors will the Pixel 7 come in?

Both of Google’s 2022 smartphones come in “Snow White” and “Obsidian” Black colors. The Pixel 7 adds a “Lemongrass” yellow option, and the Pixel 7 Pro also comes in a “Hazel” green.

Is the fingerprint sensor better on Pixel 7?

The Pixel 7 series has a slightly more accurate fingerprint sensor compared to the Pixel 6 series, but also adds support for face unlock to add one more option in addition to the fingerprint sensor.

Is the screen curved on Google Pixel 7?

The $599 Pixel 7 has a completely flat screen, but the $899 Pixel 7 Pro does have a curved screen on the left and right sides. That said, it’s much less invasive compared to the Pixel 6 Pro.

Does the Pixel 7 have a headphone jack?

No, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro do not have a headphone jack. You’ll need Bluetooth headphones, like the Pixel Buds Pro, or a USB-C adapter instead.

How much does the Google Pixel Watch cost?

Google Pixel Watch starts at $349 for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model with LTE starting at $399.

Does Pixel Watch support any band?

No, Pixel Watch only supports bands sold by Google for now, as it uses its own system. Third-party adapters are likely to arrive on time.

Should I use Fitbit on the Pixel Watch?

Using Fitbit for health tracking on the Google Pixel Watch is completely optional. You can choose to skip the service and use Google Fit, Strava or other apps instead.

Does the Pixel Watch work with any Android phone?

Yes, the Google Pixel Watch works with almost any Android smartphone. As long as your device has Android 8.0 or higher and at least 2 GB of RAM, it is compatible.

Does the Pixel Watch work with iPhone?

No, the Pixel Watch does not work with iPhone.

Is the Pixel Watch better than the Apple Watch?

Google’s Pixel Watch technically competes with the Apple Watch for the “best smartwatch” crown, but it’s impossible to say which one is better for you as a customer. Really, it comes down to your choice of smartphone. The Pixel Watch is the best smartwatch to use with a Google Pixel phone. The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch to use with an iPhone.

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