This Joe Rogan AI interview with Steve Jobs is fake…it’s terrifying too

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, who is now more popular for his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify than for his monthly pay-per-view screech, recently interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Quite an impressive feat considering that Jobs passed away in late 2011.

The Rogan-Jobs interview was made by using artificial intelligence and it is absolutely terrifying. Some parts are clunky and easy to distinguish from the real McCoy, but it shows what’s possible with a little gloss.

How about another hit single from Elvis?

Along with deep fake technology, audio created using artificial intelligence can be weaponized through the media or politics and represents a troubled future for a society already plagued by misinformation.

On the plus side, the same technology keeps Darth Vader’s iconic voice alive to infinity (and beyond). Let’s hope they keep these in the vault as long as possible.

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