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Crypto astrologer under fire for failing to disclose paid Celsius deals. Crypto astrologer Maren Altman is criticized for failing to disclose a paid deal with Celsius. Altman reportedly received $30,000 from the collapsed crypto firm.

Crypto astrologer and social media star Maren Altman has been criticized for keeping her deal with bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius a secret from her followers. Apparently, she was promoting Celsius on her platforms without disclosing that the endorsement had been paid. According to reports, Altman received $30,000 from the crypto company in the months leading up to the bankruptcy.

Explaining her position, Altman stated that she was never paid in CEL. The social media astrologer argued, “I was not even allowed to market CEL pumps etc as seen below (referring to screenshots of her contract in the Twitter thread).” She went on to state that all of her results were always vividly revealed.

other allegations are also false representations. The legal team handles the threat aspects of this.

— MAREN (@marenaltman) October 10, 2022

Altman posts screenshots of her contracts, saying, “As creator is sponsored, don’t hide anything. Anything not in the contract is unrelated.” The astrologer also stated that she would not engage in any further discussions on the matter.

However, Altman stated in a media interview that her mistake was to trust Celsius. When asked if she was aware of Celsius’s financial situation, she replied that she had no idea. “No idea, no visibility on anything other than my marketing campaign.”

Celsius, the once-great crypto lending platform, is still steeped in legal turmoil. In a recent find, it was reported that three Celsius Network c-level executives cashed in about $56.12 million in cryptocurrency prior to the bankruptcy incident.

Daniel Leon, the former CSO of Celsius, reportedly raised a whopping $7 million between May 27 and May 3. And now infamous former CEO Alex Mashinsky brought in about $10 million in May 2022. Third on the list was Celsius CTO Nuke Goldstein.

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