Deontay Wilder vs. Robert Helenius is underway: Live updates, results, highlights

Helenius, Wilder make their walks

Both gentlemen are in the ring and have been introduced. Here we go!

The main event is next

Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 knockouts), with his 91 percent KO ratio, will return to the ring for the first time since October 2021, when he suffered his second consecutive knockout loss to Tyson Fury. A game win for Robert Helenius (31-3, 20 KOs), Wilder’s former sparring partner, could push him straight back into the title fight. Let’s see if Wilder can add to his KO highlight role.

Plant with a sparkling KO from Dirrell!

An aggressive Dirrell comes out swinging, but misses several shots as he chases an elusive Plant. Moments later, Dirrell’s persistence pays off when he takes a shot. Oh my God! A sparkling left hook and Dirrell falls with a thud!! An instant KO! Dirrell was knocked out before hitting the canvas! Plant gestures with a shovel and throws dirt on Dirrell’s grave to make the injury worse.

Plant’s KO shot is undeniable. He went low, waited and then came with the boom!

Jake Paul loved it.

There were a lot of verbal exchanges between Plant and Dirrell leading up to this fight, so you know Plant is enjoying this ‘W.’ If there wasn’t enough shouting about a Plant vs. David Benavidez fight, here it is!

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 8

Plant’s corner tells him to ignore the booing of the crowd and stick to the game plan, which steers Dirrell toward a win. Plant’s momentum moving forward brings Dirrell down, but helps him to his feet. Ref resets the action where Plant lands a right hook and ducks under the damage coming from the other side. Smooth boxing of the former champion. Here comes some booing from the crowd. Dirrell lands a right hook and Plant nearly pushes him down by the neck. The ref could have taken a point off for that. It almost looked like some kind of pro wrestling chokeslam. They’re awake and Plant is back to tease Dirrell about the jab. (10-9 plants, 78-74 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 7

Plant’s left hook closes over Dirrell’s jaw. Both fighters continue to feel each other. The Brooklyn, New York crowd feels a lull in the action and applauds both boxers. Less than a minute left in the round. A can of right hook lands in front of Plant. Right-left body hook combo connects seconds later. (10-9 plants, 68-65 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 6

It’s no surprise that when Plant is on the outside, he’s in control. When Dirrell manages to grab Plant, he sneaks into shots. Plant splits Dirrell’s guard right in the middle with that left jab one, two, three times in a row, seconds apart. Dirrell runs back to his corner after the round ends to mock Plant, but the latter takes the round. (10-9 plants, 58-56 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 5

Plant drives Dirrell back with a right hook. Sharp output. Right hand lands moments later for Dirrell. Plant tries to play it out as if he’s unimpressed by it, but it seems he felt every bit of that blow. And a flurry of Dirrell follows. Is the momentum fluctuating a bit? (10-9 Dirrell, 48-47 factory)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 4

Another busy round for Plant, although Dirrell picks up his action as well. He’s definitely on a right hand landing on Plant’s head late in the round. (10-9 Dirrell, 39-37 factory)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 3

Dirrell yelled at the referee that he was being scolded for hitting behind the head. Dirrell’s argument is that he is aggressive. Plant responds seconds later by unloading a lightning-fast combination. Dirrell forces Plant to do his best WWE Superstar impersonation. Dirrell can dirty this fight without being dirty. Let’s see if he can find that balance. (10-9 plants, 30-27 plants)

Plant vs. Dirrell; Round 2

Plant, seven years younger than Dirrell, is quicker to learn and starts making combinations. (10-9 plants, 20-18 plants)

Caleb Plant vs. Anthony Dirrell; Round 1

Plant with a quick jab to the body. A right-handed look lands and grabs Dirrell’s attention as well. Dirrell holds Plant in a barrage and sneaks a few shots into it. Left hook lands for Plant. Dirrell returns the favor with a right hook and another for good measure. Intriguing first round. (10-9 plants)

Co-main event on deck

Caleb Plant vs. Anthony Dirrell is a stone’s throw away. Both former super middleweight champions, these two don’t like each other. They’ve hurled insults leading up to this fight, which should ultimately decide who is the better super middleweight. Plant won confidence winning rounds from Canelo Alvarez despite losing the fight last November.

Sanchez scores TKO. in ninth round

Sanchez’s momentum really started to snowball from that sixth round and in the ninth he dropped Negron with a shattering overhand right. The shot turned Negron around and landed with his shoulders on the ropes of the second ring. Negron bravely got back on his feet, but moments later a vicious cross to the left turned his head and the referee wisely stopped it there. Nice win for Sanchez.

Solid sixth round for Sanchez

The Cuban puts together three minutes of stellar work as he catches Negron booming in bushes.

No fireworks yet

Half way through this fight lasts 10 rounds and Negron tries to keep Sanchez at bay with the jab. Sanchez has the better movement and dynamic punches, although he is extremely patient. Here he should let his hands go a little more.

Heavyweights take the ring

Frank Sanchez vs. Carlos Negron is at the door.

Technical unanimous decision awarded to Emmanuel Rodriguez

The fight was stopped a few seconds into the 10th round. A senior doctor advised sending the fight to the scorecards because of the headbutt and the cut it caused under Rodriguez’s eye. At that point, the judges 100-90, 99-91 and 99-93 all had in favor of Rodriguez, who dominated the fight. A solid display from Rodriguez, although the game was badly whistled.

Accidental headbutt leaves Rodriguez . fall

Russell leaps forward and they collide, sending Rodriguez to the canvas in the ninth. Rodriguez certainly took the brunt of that headbutt.

Rodriguez drops Russell in eighth

A straight right hand drops Russell with a second left on the eighth lap and Russell is badly injured! He fell as a result of the shot. The ref keeps a close eye on him after the round. He’s going to have a hard time finishing this fight, judging by the way his legs look.

Rodriguez hurts Russell in fourth

A right hand pinched Russell’s knees and moments later Rodriguez sent him back with a sharp left.

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