Google significantly increases Samsung and iPhone trade-in value for Pixel 7

Google’s new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro compete with the best competitor flagship phones for a lower price, and to make them even more attractive, Google has increased the resale value of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

The Pixel 7 duo comes with better camera features than their predecessors, is powered by a new chip and marks the return of the facial recognition system.

The 8GB/128GB Pixel 7 costs $699, while the base Pixel 7 Pro with 12GB RAM and 128GB storage costs $899. These are the same as the prices Google charged for the outgoing Pixel 6 series. While the latest generation models have helped Google increase its market share, it’s still insignificant compared to market leaders Apple and Samsung, and the Mountain View company is eager to change that. It has now pulled a page from Samsung’s playbook to encourage consumers to switch. As noted by 9to5Google, during the pre-order period of Pixel 7, Google offered up to $750 off the new phones with the trade-in of a 1TB Apple iPhone 13 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. As an aside, those who pre-ordered the phones also got gift cards and freebies.

Trade-in values ​​for many other models, including Google’s own Pixel 6, have also been inflated.

This seems to indicate that you can make real money by handing in a phone that costs more than the Pixel 7 variant you want to buy. Another interesting thing is that Google is ready to cut $440 off the Pixel 7 if you trade in a third-generation 64GB iPhone SE, even though the phone itself costs $429.

These estimated trade-in values ​​are great for consumers who have been eyeing the Pixels but were hesitant to buy them at retail prices.

However, this might work better as a bait for Samsung users as iOS users should also consider factors such as accessory compatibility. iPhones are also better than Android phones while retaining value, although this may not matter much if a trade-in knocks off a significant amount of the price. Order your Pixel 7 today

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