Weekly Astrological Forecast – October 17 – 23, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – Powerful shifts are signaled by the meeting between the Sun and Venus on October 22. I talked about this in my October forecast and included images that help explain how important this cycle is. Here’s the link – the discussion starts at 20:42 minutes.

Essentially, the successive encounters of Venus and the sun form a pentagram shape in the map, a magical, protective symbol sacred to modern witches and seen as a repeating motif in many cultures and in nature. There is something organic about it, as if it were a representation of creation itself. Although the conjunctions between the Sun and Venus repeat in similar places during an 8-year cycle, they slowly shift backwards through the signs. For the past 143 years, one arm of the conjunctions of the pentagram has been in Scorpio, but now, this year, the Sun-Venus conjunction is moving to Libra – 29 Libra to be exact. Of course, as an anaretic degree, it suggests that issues of harmony, partnership, alliances, and peace are critical!

As above so below!

As a new cycle begins in the sky, a new cycle begins here on Earth as well. As Venus sits on the throne of the sun, she shines brightly from her own sign. Home at last, Venus is at her greatest power, and she illuminates where we are not aligned, where the ego has stood in the way of the heart. If we watch Pluto move into Aquarius, Uranus and Sedna move into Gemini, along with the last Great Conjunction (Jupiter-Saturn) in Aquarius, we can clearly see how the element of air, with all its focus on intellectual clarity and debate, is will be of great importance to move forward.

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17-Oct-22 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer. Sun trine MarsEmotional intensity forces us to find our center. Strength and courage.

Oct 18-22 Venus trine Vesta. Uranus sextile PallasSpotlight on the sanctity of friendship. A chance to break old patterns to break free. Brilliant ideas.

Oct 19, 22 Venus trine Mars. Sun square PlutoPassion. The law of attraction. A reluctance to let go of control. Challenge fears. Own your shadow.

20-Oct-22 Mercury opposite Chiron. Venus square Pluto Difficult conversations. Build bridges by talking candidly about what hurts. Jealousy and relationship complications. Deep truths create more intimacy.

21-Oct-22 No major aspects

22-Oct-22 Sun conjunct VenusThe Venus star point. Love and harmony illuminated. The story of your heart comes to light. Living from a place of love.

Oct 23, 22 Mercury trine Saturn and square Pallas. Saturn stations directly. Venus and the sun enter Scorpio. Juno stations directInner work complete. Restart stalled projects. Build for the future. Make a vow. Speak with integrity and authenticity. Sometimes the information is wrong – give it time. Dive into deep psychological material to have a better relationship with yourself and others. Hunt for treasures within.

Painting – The Birth of Venus by Odilon Redon

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