It is possible to run PT on a hacked PS5 (but…)

Will PT become the doom of PlayStation consoles, the one piece of software you want to use everywhere, just because you can? Probably not, but somehow people have been trying to get it to work on the PS5 since the console was hacked (proving me wrong in the process).

Running PT on a hacked PS5 – under the hood

PT has become an iconic piece of software on the PS4 (and now PS5), in part because it was removed from the PlayStation Store. Since then, downloading and running them again, or making remakes, has become something of a challenge for many tinkerers.

Running PT on a hacked PS5 is possible, as demonstrated recently by Twitter user @supertoilet12, and so many people had guessed right before that.

Before moving on to how this is accomplished, let’s talk about the limitations associated with playing this game.

PT is a demo, meaning it was technically free at the time of release, but it was removed from the PlayStation Store years ago, when the full game was canceled. To run it on a PS5 as we know it, you don’t just need to have the PT files available (they can be found on the net, and we had a technique that used random hosts to reinstall it) . game on PS4), but you must also have a valid license for the game associated with your PSN account, which means… you must have purchased the game from PlayStation Store at the time it was available, in 2014 .

Have it?


For the handful of people still reading, it doesn’t stop here:

Your PS5 must be linked to the same account that you got PT on PS4 for for the license to work. This means that at some point you activated your PS5 and logged into it with your PSN account.

In summary, you must be one of the people with a valid license for PT, AND your PS5 must have the same PSN account, AND your PS5 must have one of the hackable firmwares.

If you are one of only two people in the world with such a configuration, congratulations, you can run PT on your PS5.

showcase video from PT’s @supertoilet12 on the PS5.

Do not get me wrong. It’s fun and I’ve always been a proponent of “if we can do it, why not” when it comes to tinkering with our game consoles. I just want to set expectations straight about what this really means.

The PS4 Compatibility List on PS5

In addition to all of the above, and perhaps the most interesting discovery in all of this, the PS5 has a whitelist of what PS4 games can run on it. I’m sure Sony put this in place for several good reasons, but the good news for us is that it’s easy to update as it’s a simple text file.

Literally a text file

Aside from the fact that PS4 games require a proper license to run and this license is linked to your PSN account, as described above, it’s as easy as editing them to be “compatible” with PS5 (if they not yet marked as such). this text file if necessary. Of course, again, Sony may have had good reasons not to put specific games in it.

Run PT on your PS5 – How?

If you have the files for PT and your account has the rights to run it (basically the same account that activated the game on PS4, your account should be on the PS5), you should be able to install and run PT

Run the Kernel exploit on your PS5 Use the PS5 package installer and install the PT retail package file (how and where you get this file is up to you) At this point you should have PT installed but it will be flagged if not PS5 compatible . You need to edit the PS4 compatibility file on the PS4. From there, if everything went smoothly, PT should be running on your PS5

It works?? ???

— Chazz Archibald (@supertoilet12) October 15, 2022

Wait, does this mean piracy is a thing on PS5?

It’s pretty fun and impressive to see what people do with a hacked PS5, don’t get me wrong. People are a little quick to jump the gun, though, as it means piracy is just a few steps away for the PS5.

This has nothing to do with piracy. These are people running a PS4 game for which they have a valid license, on a PS5. Admittedly, the PS5 wasn’t supposed to let you install or run the game, but the locks for that part were “easy” to remove once the exploit is active (namely, the ability to install the package is a debugging feature). function of the console, and the ability to run it is a simple input in a text file)

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