Video: Persona 5 Royal Side-by-Side Graphics Comparison (Switch & PS4)

Persona 5Image: Atlus

If all the excellent reviews for Persona 5 Royal on Nintendo Switch aren’t convincing enough, we also have a side-by-side comparison video to prove just how spectacular this particular version of the game is.

The comparison clip, courtesy of YouTube channel GameXplain – shows the Nintendo Switch version alongside the PlayStation 4 release. This includes some cinematic segments as well as some of the gameplay. Watch both versions in the video:

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As noted in our Nintendo Life review, the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal has “some fuzzier textures” and a softer visual presentation in both docked and handheld compared to its PlayStation counterparts. As for performance, it’s mostly 30FPS with some minor drops here and there.

Will you be adding Persona 5 Royal to your Switch collection later this week? Tell us in the comments.

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