What You Need to Know About Pluto’s First Station in Aquarius in Centuries

Pluto will spend some time in Aquarius briefly from March 23, 2023 to June 11, 2023, with a few major retrogrades all over to Capricorn. However, his uninterrupted 20-year journey through Aquarius officially begins on January 21, 2024. In astrology, Pluto represents themes of destruction, death, and rebirth, while Aquarius represents revolution, rebellion, and reshaping humanity. “Pluto’s role is to keep the engine of the universe running, eliminating what life can no longer sustain. If something is rotten, Pluto will eliminate it, leaving room for healthy growth,” shares astrologer Naajmi W. . on Twitter. The combination of these energies together forms the basis for a complete overhaul of how each individual sees their place in the world, as well as how today’s systems hinder progress – and therefore must lag behind.

Pluto in Aquarius will spend its time shaking up all the prejudices and beliefs surrounding society, technology, social media and more, and you can expect things to get even more tense as these transits ignite the flames of change and the decentralization of existing power structures. to start . While Pluto hangs out in the sign of rebellious Aquarius, several other major planets will make their move through Aries, the sign of passion and aggression—first with Jupiter in 2023; then with Saturn from 2025 to 2028; and finally with Neptune from 2025 to 2039 (via Astrology with Andy). The passionate connection between these planets will lead to conversations about enlightenment, exploration, leadership and new frontiers.

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