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Ares is the god of war, known in the popular imagination as a crusader, unafraid of what lies ahead. It is also the name given to one of the twelve constellations, although it is spelled slightly differently. The zodiac Aries shares in the leader’s identity, a strong persona and a true fire sign.

What kind of person is an Aries? What are their weaknesses and strengths? How can they appear in the workplace?

In conversation with astrologer Cleo Neptune, USA TODAY explores the key personality traits of Aries sun signs. Neptune says he likes astrology in part because it’s a wonderful vehicle for self-discovery and for interacting with others. Of the many young people who have become interested in the art of astrology in recent years, Neptune says, “astrology just offers a different perspective and is very accessible.”

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When does the Aries season start?

The dates of the Aries season are March 21 – April 19. It is a fire sign, symbolized by the ram.

Key Personality Traits of Aries

Neptune says that Aries are natural leaders. “They want to lead,” he explains, “It’s kind of a raw childish ‘let’s do it’ energy.” They have no inhibitions and often want to get things done quickly.

“They get things done very quickly,” says Neptune, “I would also say their drive is unparalleled.” However, he recalls that this quality can also be flipped and framed as impatience with the need to take matters into their own hands. “I haven’t met a patient Aries in my life,” jokes Neptune.

Aries is also carefree in a way, explains Neptune. “They can be a little naive because they jump headfirst into things and the planning isn’t always there, but they definitely get things done,” he says. They’re also a helping sign, with quick reaction times and killer instincts, Neptune expands.


In the workplace, Neptune says that Aries are often the first people to volunteer for a task, in fact, they may even feel an obligation to get things done first and have a hard time asking for help.

“They can definitely be a little impatient with their co-workers,” explains Neptune, for example if a task is assigned to them and another co-worker and the co-worker can’t get things done, they can take it upon themselves to finish it themselves. to make.

They are both consistent and reliable, he says, but can sometimes overfill their plates or bite more than they can reasonably chew.


Neptune calls Aries’ relationship style “surprisingly honest and patient.” Referring to the practice of derived astrology, Neptune says that Aries is actually very similar to Libra signs in their desire for equality and balance in a relationship.

“A lot of tit for tat,” Neptune says of Aries, “doing what’s fair, balancing their partners or their friendships, and being advocates for their friends.” However, sometimes in a rush to even their relationship, if their partner doesn’t give them enough, an Aries will eventually overcompensate, he explains.

However, when it comes to people they care about and consider family, Aries mother bear energizes, Neptune says.

Weak points

Aries can be somewhat quirky. Their desire to lead and get things done first and quickly can lead them to take charge and be a little impatient, explains Neptune.

Aries can also be a little naive, acting before you think a certain way, he says. Their carefree attitude, thanks in part to the fact that the sun is exalted in Aries and Aries therefore bask effortlessly in their solar energy, cannot mean a healthy limit on inhibitions.

Aries can also spread a little thin, both by overcommitting to projects at work and overcompensating in relationships when they feel like they’re not getting enough of their partner.


This is a very strong-willed sign, says Neptune. In fact, he goes so far as to classify them as defenders of justice, referring to the early 90s reality TV classic “What Would You Do?” The show suggested scenarios intended for bystanders to intervene and create a show of good character. Aries is the type that always intervenes, explains Neptune.

“Aries is very concerned with honesty in motivation and action,” he says, adding that they don’t stand idly by bullying or attacking someone who is defenseless.

Aries are also strong defenders of their close relationships and trustworthy colleagues who are the first to offer help in most scenarios.

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