Message of the Day (October 19)

Message of the Day – By Renooji

19.10.2022THE SEED

Ultimately, it is the human birthright of my soul consciousness to rest in the seed of unity and thereby create a positive heart exchange with other like-minded souls. By self-healing, I can amplify the ultimate expression of gratitude that my healer feels in every pore and cell of the body. In the next stage of healing, the manifestation of pure love consciousness has the sensitivity and spiritual ability to transform the seed itself into my soul itself. This is the full moment of transformation that the self is waiting for. To succeed in directing the mind to depend only on the healing, and to come full circle to continue healing and loving healing is what the original seed looked and felt. Welcome back. Heal further. Healing hugs of transport. Love from the end of the successful journey to the seed. Renooji.

Chakras-calves/knees/thighs need to be healed. Confirm: “I am free of all my heart blocks and negative emotions and have restored the beauty of my soul.” Repeat this 7 times.

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