Official halo-themed prosthetics help children with limb loss

A girl builds blocks with a prosthetic arm.

Screenshot: 343 Industries / Limitless Solutions / Kotaku

Halo developer 343 Industries announced on Oct. 18 that it will expand its partnership with Limbitless Solutions, a nonprofit that makes free custom prosthetics for children with limb loss, which it began in 2018. In addition to the existing prosthetic collaborations, a Master Chief and the Arbiter arm, 343 will team up with Limbitless to create two new Halo-themed sleeves, a replica of the Kat-B320 character’s silver-and-blue prosthetic arm and a matte green Halo Infinite Master Chief cover.

“The Kat sleeve, in particular, represents a special connection between the Halo universe and the Limbitless mission, as Kat was one of the first main characters in the universe to use a prosthetic limb,” writes 343 in its announcement blog. “Kat is also representative of the Halo universe’s ability to exemplify courage and tenacity in many different life experiences, and to give Halo fans a personal connection to the story, regardless of their own circumstances.”

After providing 343 reference files to Limbitless, the nonprofit builds and paints custom Halo prostheses, gives them to recipients (or what the company calls their “bionic children,” as 343 notes in its blog) for free, and teaches they then learn how to use the devices through things like educational video games.

“This approach to training will enable the bionic kids at Limbitless to learn how to use their new device and help ensure that their custom bionic limb and sleeve function in a way that is specifically tailored to them,” writes 343. The faithful and functional sleeves also, most importantly, make the kids look sick.

In addition to this exciting collaboration expansion, all franchise fans can look forward to the free Halo Infinite winter update, scheduled for November 8. An October 18 video revealed that it will be adding a slew of most wanted features, such as two new maps, co-op mode and creation mode, and Forge’s open beta. Let’s all rub our happy hands of any kind in anticipation of each other.

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