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Meeting with the candidates Lula and BolsonaroThe astrologer analyzed the cards of the two candidates and emphasized more positive aspects for the PT’s chances of winning (Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/PT; Alan Santos/PR)

The second round of the dispute for the presidency of the republic will take place in less than two weeks. With an election marked by polarization and episodes of political violence, the expectation of the outcome has left voters on both sides even more heated. But what do the stars have in store on October 30? Astrologer Bruno Gotardo analyzed the astral map of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), in addition to the map of Brazil and the astrological climate of the voting day.

He believes in the PT’s victory, but sees a strengthened Bolsonaro despite the defeat. The astrologer predicts a sober voting day, with punctual celebrations and also projects the challenges for the future president for the next four years, no matter who the winner is.

Before starting the analysis of the cards, Gotardo emphasizes: “Astrology is a language, it is not the primary cause of things.” He explains that while it is common for people to say, it is not the positioning of the planets that is causing the events. “They just show it, it’s up to us to interpret. One mirrors the other. I find it very simplistic to try to explain the world through astrology. Astrology is in fact a language and it is up to us to decipher it, but without pretending to think that everything stems from astrology. It just reflects reality.”

Bolsonaro map

The astrologer begins by pointing out that Bolsonaro has a double Pisces, ie Sun and ascendant in the same sign. “The Pisces archetype is linked to the idea of ​​illusion and character. It is very common among actors and comedians precisely because it is a sign that is very connected to the unconscious, with laughter, embodying a character, playing a role. Or even look like one and be the other, which is a Pisces classic,” he notes.

According to Gotardo, traditionally a politician should have a strong 8th house. Remember that a birth chart is divided into 12 astrological houses, in which each represents an area of ​​life and is controlled by one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

“The 8th house is that of the support we get from others. It can be financial, emotional or public (political).” The president has the planet Neptune in that house, which means he has found support for touching people’s subconscious minds. “He is responding to the insurgency, the issue of public safety.”

However, the astrologer points out that Neptune also has a prize in this house. “Because he is a mythological figure, he is not a real figure, but a constructed character. When people are confronted with reality, disappointment, disillusionment can come.”

The 8th house of Bolsonaro is ruled by the sign of Libra. “The ruler of Libra is Venus, which is aspected by Saturn. According to the Greeks, Saturn is the great “malefic” of astrology and represents the difficulty, the blockage, the frontier. With a Saturn in the 8th house, I understand that Bolsonaro has reached a ‘ceiling’.”

Another point raised by Gotardo is the fact that the planet Saturn, ruler of the 10th house (public), in the president’s horoscope illuminates the 12th house, the house of the unconscious. “An erroneous act that reveals what is happening in the unconscious. And that undermines support,” said Gotardo, referring to recent episodes of Freemasonry and Venezuelan girls.

“This 8th house, in my opinion, weakens someone who could very easily reach people’s unconscious. He showed his own unconscious to others and this would lead to a limitation of the support he has,” he adds.

The astrologer analyzes Bolsonaro’s map and believes the president is highly unlikely to be re-elected. “We can’t doubt it, especially because of what happened in 2018 when he showed great strength.”

For Gotardo, the trend is that the same is happening in Brazil as in the United States. “Trump lost, but he fell shooting. I think you can think of this parallel. Lula and Biden also have a parallel: experienced politicians, at the end of their careers, without major projects and ambitions, but who are able to defeat a visceral political force,” he emphasizes.

Lula card

Former President Lula has ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. “This shows more malice, cleverness. He has more control over himself. Mercury in the 12th house also represents backstage conversations and Lula is king in this.”

PT’s birthday is three days before the vote and the astrologer marks Sun and Venus on Lula’s map. “Venus is known as the little ‘beneficial’ and stands for happiness, joy. We have Sun and Venus on top of the Sun of Lula’s map. This is very relevant and is associated with triumph and celebration. Bolsonaro looked the same in 2018,” he recalls.

As early as 2022, the current president’s map shows an aspect of grief and defeat associated with Saturn and the moon. “He will wonder what he could have done differently.”

However, the astrologer points out a positive aspect. “It also has a Jupiter on top of the sun. Which could mean he will lose, but show strength. Somehow he will feel welcome, albeit defeated. He also has a Sun and Venus in the 8th house during elections which is an excellent aspect and can represent such huge support from a section of the population.

“Bolsonaro managed to form a large majority in 2018. But it seems to me that at the moment, although they are quite numerous, they are a minority. Lula would have a fragile majority.”

Tight mood and dispute

Gotardo also believes that this aspect could also mean a small difference in votes between the two candidates. “In November, Bolsonaro was supposed to be in house 9, which has to do with legal proceedings. Also, there are three planets in this house. “Mars, representing struggle, fights to defend its ideals. Venus is linked to relationships, supports. And Saturn. This shows a legal challenge to the election results.”

The astrologer also points out that in December all the spotlight will be on Bolsonaro. “Everyone will want to know if he’s going to ‘drop the bone’ or not.” Gotthard believes so, since the 11th house (new beginning) has the sign of Aries, the first of the zodiac. “It’s a new beginning and with the ruler of Ram in the 9th house it means a new life for me in another country.”

Lula’s third term would be slightly different from the last, the astrologer believes. “Because of the strong Bolsonar opposition, he will become more withdrawn, more reserved and appear less publicly, at least in the first year of his tenure.”

The astrologer analyzes Lula’s birth chart and also points out that PT will have a hard time putting an end to the secret budget, if elected. “He may have more control over the budget than Bolsonaro, but Uranus in Taurus, in the 11th house (institutions) shows a lack of control over money. Saturn in the 8th house also represents austerity and the need to save.”

“There is a tension between the two views. This shows an arm-wrestling of a government that wants control over its government policies, its spending and a congress that strives for financial autonomy.” He believes Congress can win this battle.

voting day

On October 30, the Moon is in Capricorn. “She is not known as the happiest, most festive Moon. It is more serious, sober and also a bit pessimistic.” According to the astrologer, on a map of events, the moon represents the people. “People will be skeptical until the result is known. I think somehow they will have a certain fear of celebrating. All in all it will be a shy party.”

Gotardo does not believe in violent demonstrations on election day. “It will be similar to the first round. There is a Mars in the 3rd house which can mean noise, honking, pots.

He predicts that Bolsonaro supporters will riot immediately after the polls are published. “Some people will celebrate like there is no tomorrow, because of Venus in Scorpio. But in general the mood will be more sober.”

Challenges for the next president

The planet Uranus is in the sign of Taurus and will remain in this sign until 2026. This aspect brings with it a scenario of unpredictability. “His last passage in this sign was between the years 1937 to 1942, during World War II and shortly after the 1929 crisis.” The astrologer emphasizes that it was a difficult period for the economy and for the revision of the borders. He emphasizes the Russian invasion of Ukraine to recapture areas that began at the beginning of the year.

“Taurus stands for money, country. Uranus – modern ruler of Aquarius – was discovered between the French and Industrial Revolutions. It has this characteristic of instability while Taurus is a sign whose value is stability. So we have the most unstable star in the most stable sign.”

According to him, this aspect may indicate a lack of price control. So the next president will have problems with the economy and difficulties in controlling prices.

In addition, another planet will enter the sign of Taurus in May next year: Jupiter. The astrologer analyzes Brazil’s birth chart and draws attention to the planet Saturn, also in Taurus. “Saturn is limitation, difficulties and Taurus is money. He is in the 3rd house (trade). It would then be a controller. The entry of Jupiter into Taurus may represent tax reform to me.”

Gotardo believes that the new government will most likely be able to implement the reform, but that it will not solve the problems. “I find it difficult to change the tax base, but they will try to mess with this ‘vespeiro’.”

The planet Jupiter in Taurus may bring another important aspect to the land. “Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, everything it passes through expands. The trend is for the expansion of money, but since Brazil has Saturn in this sign, it’s like there’s an anchor.”

“Therefore, it is very likely that we will have a world growth scenario and Brazil will have a hard time. But we will have the opportunity to discuss state funding and whether this discussion can help the country follow this global economic growth,” he noted.

He points out that Brazil always goes against the grain of the rest of the world and tends to grow in times of crisis. Another area that may face difficulties in the coming years is education. “We will have a lot of trouble with education funding and with the exchange rate.”

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