Amber Heard future in movies ‘doesn’t look so great’: says astrologer

Amber Heard could face trouble signing movies in the future after her loss in a high-profile defamation lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

A famous astrologer predicted that the Aquaman actor could fall into “severe depression” as a result of her struggle to get good roles in movies.

“Whether it’s her personal or professional life, Heard has had to struggle a lot since she received huge hatred from the internet users around the world after losing the defamation case,” Pandit Jagannath Guruji told entertainment website

“It will be a long time before she reunites her shattered image and resurfaces as one of Hollywood’s highly recognized celebrities.

“Also, she may get the exit door from several upcoming projects in the future. Especially after the divorce from Johnny Depp, the future of the actress does not look very good,” he added.

“The outcome of the whole defamation case has had a huge impact on Amber Heard’s life,” the astrologer said. “After taking a close look at what her stars look like, the actress has come to take herself for granted, which could soon lead her into severe depression.”

“Also because she is a Taurus by birth, her stubborn nature along with selfishness and narrow-mindedness could cause her more problems in the near future.”

The astrologer went on to share some advice for the actor when he said, “It is suggested that Amber Heard should remain silent for a moment because her moon and ascendant are not stablely aligned.”

“In addition, the next 3-4 years do not look fruitful for her relationship, so it is better to avoid any kind of love interests. Otherwise, her mental stability can be easily affected, even triggering a feeling of suicidal thoughts.”

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