Google slides into Tim Cook’s mentions to promote ‘Team Pixel’…while tweeting from an iPhone

Every once in a while we see a competitor on Twitter cast some shadow on Apple, and sometimes they do it while tweeting from the iPhone they are mocking. The Google Pixel team apparently didn’t learn their lesson and sent out a tweet last night mocking Apple while using “Twitter for iPhone.” It was quickly removed… but the internet is not forgetting it.

As noted by site friend Ian Zelbo, the Google Pixel account on Twitter tweeted last night in response to Tim Cook’s “#TakeNote” teaser. Apple’s “Take Note” tagline has been criticized for being a tagline also used by the Utah Jazz NBA team. In fact, Apple has abandoned the animated hashflag for this reason.

Google decided to capitalize on this, sending out a tweet saying that joining “Team Pixel” would bring NBA fans “closer to your favorite team” than an iPhone would.

Hmm okay, I see you. NBA Fans…#TeamPixel is here to bring you closer to your favorite team. Tell us yours and maybe we can make your NBA Tip-Off even better.

Once called, the Google Pixel team quickly deleted the tweet and resent it. The second time, the tweet was sent via ‘Twitter for Web’.

One of these days, these companies may learn their lesson, but that day doesn’t seem to be today, and something tells us that this won’t be the last time a situation like this arises.

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