Moft’s Origami iPad case is a masterclass in design

The Moft Snap Float Folio iPad Case shows the different ways it can be used as a stand.

A folio-style case is the easiest way to protect a mobile device and its screen from dings and scratches, but as Moft’s new Snap Float Folio for the iPad Pro and iPad Mini shows, you should get more out of your case. require only passive protection.

The Moft Snap Float Folio iPad Case is laid flat revealing the many fold lines.

Made from vegan leather so you don’t have to worry about an animal giving its life to protect the device you usually use to play Wordle. can serve as a stand and support your iPad at different angles. Even the cheapest folio cases you can find on Amazon can do that.

The Moft Snap Float Folio Case featuring an iPad high above a desk and on a lower level.

Moft just took that idea to the next level, and possibly several levels above that. Taking advantage of the magnets built into the backs of newer iPads like Apple’s keyboard cases attach to the tablets, the Snap Float Folio can be configured to support an iPad in four positions. Two floating modes lift the iPad a few inches from a desk to bring it closer to eye level, and two modes position it at desk level, at different angles, to interact with the iPad using the pencil accessory.

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The Snap Float Folio is available for pre-order, with shipping in early November, in black, brown and gray finishes, and three different versions. The $70, Snap Float Folio 12.9″ supports the iPad Pro 12.9″ Gen 5 as well as the recently announced M2 upgrade, the $60, Snap Float Folio 11″ supports the 4th and 5th generation iPad Air and all models of the 11-inch iPad Pro, including the new M2 option. There’s also a $40 Snap Float Folio mini option, designed for use with the iPad mini 6, although you lose one of the four display modes due to the smaller size.

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