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This week at Bungie, we’re getting creepy, babyyyy.

Everyday is Halloween if you are brave enough. Or obsessed enough. OK, that’s enough judgment. We can feel it from here. yay. As we mentioned, the spooky season is officially in Season, which means it’s time to dust off those chicken masks and head out on some spooky activities with Festival of the Lost. But why leave dressing up to our Guardians alone when we can have a little fun in real life too? More on that later, but we’ll also have a heads up about what’s coming out of the weapon stash in the coming weeks and more about how to put those hidden cosplay ideas to good use. Since the last two TWABs had a little more information, this one gets lighter so Guardians can just get in and give Space Grandma all the love she deserves without delay. And Saint-14. Give Saint-14 some treats. He deserves them…

Anyway, let’s start with Festival of the Lost, shall we?

Before we get into the bones of the TWAB of the week, we wanted to mention a few things. First, work on TWABs doesn’t start the day before TWABsday. It involves planning and team coordination and requires some advanced work, and today’s blog post is no exception, but we’ve included the Festival of the Lost launch day hiccups in our Known Issues section below. We also wanted to take a moment to say that we take the feedback seriously and appreciate the players who respectfully volunteered their time to make a good game even better by sharing their thoughts on what this event feels like. That said, we really hope you enjoy the coming weeks of Festival of the Lost as Halloween means a lot to us and it feels like a gift to share a favorite holiday with the wider community. On the technical side, follow our Bungie Help Twitter for updates. Just to take a moment to just enjoy this time of year, I hope you join us for the rest of this TWAB.

OK, otherwise spooky Guardians!

It’s time for “Spooky Scary Skeleton”, which means it’s time to don your favorite mask and eat those delicious treats while engaging in spooky activities meant to perform the “trick” in trick or treating . Many of you have already embarked on that ghostly quest, but for those who may be waiting until the weekend to dive in, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

New gear, which you can see in the handy Festival of the Lost trailer above:

Legendary sniper rifle, Mechabre. The (rightly) community-chosen Mech-themed armor ornament set. New Festival of the Lost Event card. Similar to the Solstice Event Card, it includes free challenges and premium rewards for the creepiest Guardians. Includes a new emote, ship, exotic ghost and a few surprises.

Haunted Sectors are also back for some EDZ adventures, taking on hordes of Cabal who took the festivities a little too seriously. A new Haunted Sector awaits alongside some familiar ones for some Halloween goodness. Don’t let those geeks distract you from your treats. Destroy them with Telesto instead, don’t let your dreams be dreams.

wait, there’s more

You know, we’ve got some fun real-world challenges that we’d like to offer as well. Calling all artists! And we mean all artists: cosplayers, fiber, digital, food art – the sky is the limit, create what inspires you. But make sure to add the correct hashtag and @ the official Destiny 2 social channel for your region! If not, we may not see it. We’ll be giving away some sweet, sweet prizes by region, so don’t hesitate to throw your talents in the hat to celebrate with the wider community!

And because we want to inspire creatives of all kinds, here are a few goals and hashtags to keep in mind:

For spooky art and movies of the week: #AOTW, #MOTW For your best Destiny 2 pumpkin carvings: #FotLPumpkin Got any great ideas for terrifying Destiny fashion? This is your time to shine with #ThreadsOfFright

We’ll be showing entries in each TWAB throughout the event with a final follow-up section just before Festival of the Lost returns to its annual hibernation to make way for snow and hope. And more cookies. Because cookies are treats, and that life here is all about us.

Another remark! If an official account shares your work, you are automatically eligible for a special festive cosmetic with the Hallowed Coronation decal:

We also have a number of IRL ways to represent that festival hype, including the Headless One T-Shirt for those who complete the Bookworm 1 Event Challenge and a shiny new Ghost Writer Medallion Pin for those who complete the seal and title for the Ghost – one-thon. It’s Halloween. You just have to.

All good things must come to an end. Sure, that end is temporary for the loot pool rotations, but that’s neither here nor there. Here’s a heads up of what’s leaving the loot pool for next season so you can get in there and give your all for that special pew goodness before they’re gone:

Iron banner:

Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle Riiswalker Shotgun

Tasting Osiris:

Aisha’s Embrace Scout RifleReed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle


Silicon Neuroma Sniper RifleDuty Bound Auto Rifle

You know what to do. Go out and grab what you want before another wave of rewards awaits. Closer to next season, we’ll provide more insight into rewards and what players can expect in the coming months, but we also wanted to take a moment to tease something we’re excited about. For Season 20, we’re introducing Legacy Focusing. We’re not quite ready to share details on that just yet, but that’s one of the many aspects of the game that players will learn more about as we get closer to Lightfall and beyond.

Glint needs a new hobby.

In all their mech glory, our incredible Player Support Team is back with another update on the more technical side of Destiny 2. From known issues to fixes, here’s their report on what goes on behind the scenes of Halloween-fueled fun.

Festival of the Lost Weekly Bright Dust Bounties

We discovered an issue where Eva Levante’s weekly bounties were only handing out 100 Bright Dust instead of the usual 200 Bright Dust when Festival of the Lost went live. We have implemented a fix for bounties that have not been turned in, as well as for future bounties collected by players. Players affected by this issue will receive any missing Bright Dust at a later date.

Lord of Wolves disabled

The Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun has been disabled due to an issue where it can deal more damage than intended. We are targeting next week’s update to release the fix. More information will be provided when available.


This Tuesday, October 25, Destiny 2 Update will be released. Check out our Destiny Server and Update Status page for maintenance times, as well as the timeline below (all times are Pacific):

9 AM PDT: Destiny 2 maintenance begins. 9:45 a.m.: Destiny 2 is taken offline. 10 a.m.: Destiny 2 Update rolls out across all platforms and regions. 11 AM: Destiny 2 maintenance is complete. known issues

As we continue to investigate various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues reported to us in our #Help forum:

Players will not be able to transform Spectral Pages into manifested pages, blocking the progress of the Gone but Not Forgotten mission. Certain shaders may incorrectly apply textures to parts of the Festival of the Lost mech-themed armor sets. Once resolved, these shaders may appear differently on the armor sets. The Forged in Grace decal will not display its name when players hover over it in Inventory. The Bold Chapalu Sparrow image on the event card popup shows the item with the wrong colors. Certain Festival of the Lost Weapon Reward Resources will not drop this year’s Updated Weapons properly. The shader Angel’s Gleam and Flower Child display incorrect acquisition sources when viewed in Collections. Solo Flawless Dungeon Triumph requirements list faulty Fireteam completions when needed, when they should specify flawless solo completions instead.

Ivan: This #MOTW could have been Bungie’s trailer to promote King’s Fall, but our amazing community did it themselves. After watching it, I hope those who haven’t been to the raid will consider going and those who’ve played through it many times will be inspired to go again! Touch of Malice for everyone! (Just kidding, free exotics aren’t in my power unfortunately.)

Movie of the Week: King’s Fall Fan-Made Trailer

Bruno: Do ​​you like raids? I love raids. I don’t have a favorite, but Deep Stone Crypt holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. The music, the lore, the bosses, the weapons, the jumping puzzle with the lullaby in the background and the mean voice-over… No wonder this extraordinarily talented Guardian has decided to recreate it down to the smallest detail in Minecraft . I can’t imagine how much work something like that takes.

Movie of the Week: Status | Mind-blowing

Hippie: It’s Spooky Week™. It’s what we live for! My inner New Orleans spirit is dying to share some of the amazing Festival of the Lost inspired art you have touched all of us with. Carefully. With a love stick. More of a bonk than a hit really. Anyway… here’s art!

Oh, and a real game! Just wait, it’s really cool!

Art of the Week: Get your suit on and roll out, Guardians!

Art of the Week: Festival of the Lost, but make it arcade-like

And a bonus in honor of the Community Team, because tinkering is always fun!

Bbb-Bonus Art of the Week: “Like Stealing Candy from a Smollen” – Drifter, Probably

Done! It’s the first week of Festival of the Lost, and there’s plenty to do to get new goodies, while also just letting go and having fun. As we get closer and closer to Season 19, we want to reiterate that not every TWAB will be filled to the brim with a lot of new information. Some will be lighter, but they are always meant to inform what is happening in the near future. We’ll have more on what’s next in the coming weeks, including more about weapons, rewards, and other opportunities and endings. Can not wait!

In the meantime, make sure to drink that water (especially with all that candy. Yes, this is a self-dunk, what’s up?), practice self-care, and always put that kindest foot forward. See you next week, friends!

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