Jim Irsay Doubles His Position Regarding Daniel Snyder

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Jim Irsay won’t shut up.

Irsay spoke out on Tuesday about Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. And Irsay recently doubled down in comments to Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer, while Commissioner Roger Goodell hopes owners will wait for the current investigation to end.

“I don’t feel it’s in the best interest of the Shield and the NFL,” Irsay told Glazer of Snyder’s continued ownership of the team. “This is not how we should represent ourselves and it’s a shame we have to be in this position.”

Is Irsay worried about a possible backlash?

“I’m going to talk about it,” Irsay said. “I will not be muzzled, and I will stand for it.”

Irsay also believes that the owners have an obligation to the NFL’s customers to take action.

“As owners we have an obligation to listen to the fans, and we cannot bury our heads in the sand,” he said.

He thinks the Mary Jo White investigation, when completed, will be the catalyst for a real conversation about Snyder’s future.

“I do believe the concerns I have deserve serious discussion among all owners,” Irsay said. “I don’t want this to be swept under the rug again.”

That last comment is perhaps the strongest. Irsay doesn’t want it swept under the rug again. It was swept under the rug when Beth Wilkinson completed her investigation.

It was swept under the rug by the league office, which didn’t ask for a written report from Wilkinson – presumably because the league knew Wilkinson would have recommended in writing that Snyder be forced to sell.

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