Pixel 6a gets that best price ever out of nowhere

Whoa, here’s a deal you might not want to pass on – the Google Pixel 6a currently costs $299.

I’m not sure what triggered it, but Google’s latest A-series phone has received a $150 price cut to its lowest price ever. We thought the recent drop to $329 was good, but yeah, this tops it by another $30.

For $299, the Pixel 6a gets you a Google Tensor chip, super solid Pixel camera, 5 years of updates, Pixel 6 series design, incredible size, and our favorite software experience in the Android world. In our review, we didn’t call the Pixel 6a perfect per se, but that was mainly because we thought it was overpriced at $449. With a $150 discount taking it to $299, this phone is worth it and then some. .

The $299 price is currently available everywhere. Amazon has it in all colors: chalk, charcoal, and sage. Target executes the deal. So is the Google Store. I wouldn’t be surprised if others were too. This may sell out.

Get a Pixel 6a and enjoy life with Pixel.

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