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Today’s Future: Monday, October 24, 2022 The Fruit of the Child Born Today-

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A child born today will have a beautiful, healthy and happy personality. You will be the master of your will. In the beginning, there will be obstacles in the field of education. Will fully take care of the family.

Sheep-Avoid unnecessary disputes. Be careful in lawsuits. The idle rush will be more. Work will be busy. Success will come. Taurus-Today is going to be an auspicious day. Will be spent on auspicious works. Stopped work is done. Happiness will remain cordial. A pleasant message can be received. Gemini-You get success in political work. There will be enthusiasm in the job. Problems will be solved easily. Manglik’s work will be discussed. Cancer – Any problem will be solved. There will be profit opportunities in business. The costs will be high. There will be peace and contentment in the mind. Leo – A new task will emerge. There may be some sort of injury, but it won’t be a matter of much concern. Guest can arrive. Virgo – There may be a family conflict. The work will be incomplete. The planned work will be delayed. Working regularly will be beneficial. Libra- There will be family problems. The work will be incomplete. Good news will be received regarding a distant friend. It would be good not to be careless. Scorpio- You will have success writing. Be careful when buying. You get success in the desired work. There can be travel. Sagittarius – Vehicle will be happy. Material comfort will increase. Be very careful while traveling. The advice of a respected person will be helpful. Capricorn-The work will be completed. Attempts will be successful in judicial works etc. Be careful in business, buying and selling. Promotion etc. Aquarius – There will be happiness and cooperation from relatives. The financial situation will remain strong. Will increase by income. Try to avoid mistakes. Be patient. Pisces-There will be happiness in the mind. You get good news. The costs will be higher. Financial problems are easily solved. Guest is the sum of arrival. business future On Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi, due to the effect of Hasta Nakshatra, the prices of coriander, red pepper, cumin, vine, nutmeg, will rise for a long time. There will be softness in the prices of jowar, bajra, maize, wheat, barley, gram, moong. The lottery number is 2614.

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