Xbox Game Pass just made one of the highest-rated games ever

After a long wait, Xbox Game Pass adds Persona 5 Royal to its library. This matches its launch on fellow platforms PC and Switch, with Game Pass offering it to fans on PC, cloud and consoles. As many know, Persona 5 catapulted the already popular franchise to the stars, with the game gaining universal acclaim when it launched on PS4.

There are currently fewer reviews for Xbox consoles, perhaps because of how long it takes to beat Persona 5 Royal, but the title currently has the exact same Metacritic score online. In other words, it appears that the ports have been properly executed and Xbox fans can check out one of the highest-rated JRPGs on the market right now.


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Persona 5 is a social JRPG set in modern-day Tokyo, with players taking on the character of Joker. During the school year, he and his friends become the Phantom Thieves who must dive into the Metaverse. This story is developed through various RPG features, dungeon crawling elements and social simulation scenarios. Persona 5 Royal adds a lot of new content on top of the base game, including new party members, a new school semester, a new palace, the Thieves Den, new cutscenes, new Personas, new weapons, two new story endings and much more. Lake.

Xbox Game Pass – October 21

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Persona 5 Royal (PC, Cloud, Console)

In our Persona 5 Royal PC review, we wrote that “With its release on PC, Switch and Xbox X|S, Persona 5 Royal will finally conquer the last locations it was absent from, giving a whole new cast of gamers the chance to undoubtedly fall in love with this masterpiece.”

This is obviously a big addition to the service, but it’s not the last addition for the month. Beginning October 27, subscribers can claim Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery for PC, Gunfire Reborn for PC, cloud and console, and Signalis for PC, cloud and console. Xbox Game Pass is also working on the November 2022 list, confirming that fans can claim the following:

The Legend of Tianding – Nov 1 Ghost Song – Nov 3 Football Manager 2023 – Nov 8 Pentiment – Nov 15 Gungrave GORE – Nov 22 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – Nov 30

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of games each month.

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