4 best budget gaming laptops (2022): 16-inch screens, RTX 3060 and more

gaming laptops are not what we would call cheap. Still, they’re often more cost-effective than building your own gaming PC, peripherals and all, with the added benefit of being much more travel-friendly. Yes, you can spend over $2,500 for a fully featured laptop, but there’s still a lot of value to be found at the lower end of the market (about $1,000). We’ve played all kinds of games on a range of cheap gaming laptops and narrowed the list down to the best.

We prioritized laptops with Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards, at least an 11th-gen Intel or 5000-series AMD Ryzen chip, and 16GB of RAM. These specs aim for a benchmark of approximately 60 frames per second (fps) at 1080p pixel resolution in graphically rich titles and over 120 fps in competitive games.

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