Dog lovers are devastated as Resident Evil 4 Remake is rewriting history for the worse

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The Resident Evil 4 remake we showed last week is still fresh in my mind; we got hands-on with the title and then were spoiled with a second trailer, this time focusing on the story. And while RE4 on PS5 seems to stay true to the original in most things, one claimed aspect has managed to boost some fans’ hackles.

As described by IGN, in the original game, Leon was able to free a cute furry friend who had become trapped in a bear trap. If you chose to free the animal (and what kind of monster not), the faithful dog would return to return the favor and help during a particularly difficult encounter with the master. However, it looks like they’ll be a little different in the remake, as seen in the clip below:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ? #ResidentEvil4Remake—IGN (@IGN) October 20, 2022

The reason for the change is unknown; maybe Capcom wants to point out that they are, in fact, cursed cat lovers. Or it could be a form of deception that plays on players’ expectations. Anyway, there was an outpouring of grief for the poor deceased dog, not a small amount of benign anger. Popular fan-pupper account Can You Pet the Dog perhaps summed up the mood best when they wrote very succinctly:

What the hell can you pet the dog? (@CanYouPetTheDog) October 21, 2022

Why do you think the Resident Evil 4 remake chose to break with canon in this very specific way? Is this a signal that we should gird our loins for an even darker room than the original? Hit F to pay respect in the comments section below, and hug your canine companion nearby, if you’re blessed enough to have one.

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