Silent Hill: Townfall’s Announcement Trailer Has A Secret Message Hidden Inside

Silent Hill fans have started deciphering some of the secrets hidden in the new teaser for Silent Hill: Townfall.

Announced during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission broadcast, the short teaser from No Code creative director Jon McKellan invited fans to analyze the video for clues… and they did.

Eurogamer Newscast: Will Konami succeed in bringing Silent Hill back from the dead?

While there’s no doubt much more to discover, fans have discovered an SOS signal between the THY FLESH IS WEAK images, while an immersive thread on the game’s subreddit community has discovered text in the spectrogram when converting. from the trailer to an mp3.

After running it a few times on different frequencies, MilkManEx believes they have discovered a message hidden in it: “WHAT HEART THIS CITY HAS STOPPED NOW”.

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Fans also believe that the voice at 0.33 appears to be saying, “Wow, is that really Alessa?” that’s our strongest link yet to the main Silent Hill lore. Alessa is the little girl who can be seen all over Silent Hill during the first game and should be pretty familiar to anyone who played the first or third installments or watched the original Silent Hill movie.

It also has some fans speculating that this game’s curious title, Townfall, suggests it will cover the city’s supernatural origins – or a “the downfall of the city,” if you will.

Silent Hill: Downfall – Announcement Trailer.

After what feels like an eternity of leaks, Konami officially revived its long-dormant Silent Hill series with a flurry of activity earlier this week, starting with the remake of the horror masterpiece Silent Hill 2, which is being developed by Bloober Team for PC and PS5 as a timed console exclusive.

Rumor has it that Bloober Team – the studio behind The Medium, Layers of Fear and Observer – was involved in a Silent Hill revival as early as June of last year, when it announced a partnership with Konami to create a new game. . Rumors that the project would be a remake of Silent Hill 2 started to coalesce after a series of leaks earlier this year.

Earlier today, we reported that Silent Hill 2 translator Jeremy Blaustein asks Konami to credit his work on the original Silent Hill 2 game in the remake, saying “it’s the right thing to do”.

Blaustein says that while he “does not expect or seek financial compensation”, “I strongly believe that giving me the right recognition for my role is the right choice.”

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